Bezglyutenovy diet

безглютеновая диета
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The Bezglyutenovy diet intends generally for people with intolerance of gluten (gluten). It approaches, according to the author, and that who wants to achieve weight reduction, eating the full-fledged food which is not containing gluten (the protein found in some grain - rye, wheat, barley and oats).

Essence of bezglyutenovy diet

As refusal of gluten in the daily menu helps gastrointestinal tract to work better, the metabolism, naturally, improves and it is the first step to normalization of weight.

Considerable advantage of bezglyutenovy diet is the fact that at its observance intestines are cleared and large amount of the toxic substances which are saved up in organism is removed and it is the second positive factor for use of this diet for weight loss.

As the third important feature of such food it is possible to consider that the diet can be rather various and it is sufficient that the person did not feel hungry and exhausted.

What is possible at bezglyutenovy diet

Food on bezglyutenovy diet allows the use of the following products

Rice, buckwheat, corn, millet.

If there is opportunity to take the Latin American forms of grain - kvinoyyu and amaranth, then the range of grain available to you will extend.

Fish and meat natural, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables of all types, vegetable oil, namely soy, corn, sunflower, olive, teas natural, and also coffee and cocoa without the content of gluten in the structure.

рис гречка кукуруза просо квинойя амарант

рыба мясо сливочное масло яйца фрукты и овощи соевое масло

кукурузное масло подсолнечное масло оливковое масло чай кофе какао

The list of the products which are strictly prohibited

Especially dangerous cereals: barley, wheat, rye, oats.

Yogurts and ice cream with long period of storage.

Semi-finished products, sausages and sausages, smoked sausages and similar it products.

Simulators of natural seafood and products from fish (for example, crabsticks).

Store spices and seasonings, including their combined options.

Canned food meat and fish, and also the vegetables and fruit which have undergone preservation in industrial conditions.

The kvass made of rye bread.

Tea in bags of different fragrances.

Instant coffee.

The sweets made by the confectionery industry (caramel color, jams and jam, chocolates with stuffing and with fillers from soy).

ячмень пшеница рожь овес йогурты мороженое

полуфабрикаты сардельки и сосиски копченые колбасы крабовые палочки специи и приправы консервы

квас чай в пакетиках с ароматизатором кофе сублимированный карамель цветная джемы и повидло шоколадные конфеты с начинкой из сои

For whom the diet is necessary

First of all, to the people sick with tseliakiya is autoimmune disease. Such patients all life should avoid products as a part of which there is gluten.

It is very difficult to achieve it, but nevertheless by means of such approach it is possible to get rid of the majority of unpleasant symptoms (or at least considerably to reduce their manifestations).

These are spasms, disorders of digestive tract, abdominal distension, gripes, vomiting, diarrhea, osteoporosis, iron deficiency anemia, joint pains, arthritis, eczema.

Besides, there are people having allergic reaction to gluten. They should exclude also from diet all products containing this protein.

The bezglyutenovy diet at autism, and also schizophrenia has well proved.

The Bezglyutenovy diet is good for improvement of state by the suffering autoimmune hepatitis, asthma, Parkinson's illness, atherosclerosis, diabetes, vitiligo, psoriasis, obesity, myopathy, migraine.

Bezglyutenovy diet for weight loss

The program of food without gluten used only for the purpose of weight loss is rather effective. At its observance loss of excess weight can make up to 4 kg in week. At the same time, that very important, such results of bezglyutenovy diet for weight loss are achieved at minimum of ongoing efforts.

The essence of diet consists in 4 - 5-times food, the last meal at the same time has to be no later than 18 hours. The program of weight loss does not define any specific food allowance. The main thing in it - refusal of gluten products. All other, resolved types of products, it is possible to combine according to personal preferences and to use in any quantity, necessary for saturation.

The recommended menu for 7 days

At first it will be a little difficult to follow the rules of bezglyutenovy diet. To get used to dietary diet and to further enjoy life, it is necessary to stock up with patience and to be adjusted on positive result!


Breakfast: mashed potatoes, boiled fish + cup of tea;

Lunch: meat broth with quenelles, rice + cutlets on couple;

Afternoon snack: fruit salad;

Dinner: vegetable garnish and pudding from buckwheat.


Breakfast: buckwheat cereal with boiled meat + cup of green tea;

Lunch: vegetable soup, vegetables + fruit juice jelly;

Afternoon snack: baked apple with nuts;

Dinner: rice + boiled meat, cup with dogrose broth.


Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, corn flakes + cup of tea;

Lunch: fish soup, buckwheat cereal with the baked chicken fillet + cup of tea;

Afternoon snack: rice small loafs with jam + cup of tea;

Dinner: vegetable stew, piece of bezglyutenovy bread + glass of low-fat kefir.


Breakfast: omelet with cheese + cup of tea;

Lunch: meat broth with quenelles, apples salad and celery + fruit juice;

Afternoon snack: fruit jelly + compote;

Dinner: vegetable garnish, pudding from buckwheat + cup of green tea.


Breakfast: baked apple + the cottage cheese calcinated cup of tea;

Lunch: meat steam cutlets + sauce béchamel on starch, is a little broth;

Afternoon snack: fruit allsorts;

Dinner: mashed potatoes, fish cutlets on couple + juice.


Breakfast: rice, boiled fish + cup of coffee with milk;

Lunch: low-fat meat broth with quenelles, vegetable garnish + cup of tea;

Afternoon snack: nut and apple gingerbreads;

Dinner: buckwheat cereal with boiled meat + glass of kefir.


Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, fruit + cup of tea;

Lunch: meat broth with quenelles, pilaf, vegetable salad + juice;

Afternoon snack: fruit juice jelly;

Dinner: vegetable garnish, pudding from buckwheat + cup of tea.

It is necessary to eat at least 4 - 5 times a day, at the same time the last meal - not later than 18 hours.

Bezglyutenovy recipes

Potato baked pudding with vegetables

картофельная запеканка с овощами Boil to semi-readiness of kilograms of potatoes, cool, clear, cut circles. Boil 400 g of beef, having added to water marjoram and basil together with salt. Meat is cut by cubes.

Fry on vegetable oil 1 big bulb, and 150 g of polished root of celery. Cut circles of 3-4 large tomatoes. It is possible before preparation them slightly to blanch and husk. Grease deep frying pan with antiprigarny covering small amount of oil.

Stack layers meat, onions, potato, tomatoes and again meat and potato. From above fill in with "talker" from three eggs and 1-2 tablespoons of cold milk. Bake in oven at 180 degrees of 20-30 minutes.

Corn rolls

кукурузные булочки Ingredients:

200 g of flour (look for in shops flour without gluten!),

100 g of small corn grits

1 teaspoon of powder for pastries

½ teaspoons of soda for pastries

½ teaspoons of the Indian spices

2 eggs

150 ml of soy milk

100 ml of water

50 ml of vegetable oil

3 tablespoons of polished firm cheese.

Preparation: separately mix dry and liquid ingredients, then integrate them and lay out dough in molds for baking of muffins. Put in oven approximately for 15 minutes and bake at temperature of 180 degrees.

Bezglyutenovy pumpkin soup

безглютеновый тыквенный суп It is required:

250 g of pumpkin

4 potatoes

2 branches of parsley

1 bay leaf

20 pieces of beef quenelles

4 l of water, 2 branches of green onions, branches of fennel and basil.

Initially we cook usual broth with quenelles. After its readiness we grate pumpkin with size about hand there.

We boil and add other ingredients.

Broccoli cream soup

суп-пюре из брокколи For this purpose in two liters of water it is necessary to boil chicken breast then to add small cut bulb, 2 celeries, 1 potatoes, carrots, broccoli and to boil to readiness. Then to take out chicken breast and to cut it small pieces.

To add to broth with vegetables and to crush everything the blender. For seasoning of soup it is necessary to use smetanny sauce.

For its preparation it is necessary to crush the blender a little greens of parsley, and also fennel with sour cream and salt.

This dish, according to reviews about bezglyutenovy diet, it is possible to use also during weight loss.

Chocolate pie

шоколадный пирог Ingredients:

0,5 glasses of cocoa of powder

150 g of sugar

100 g of butter

100 g of bitter chocolate

3 eggs

1 tsps of vanillin

On water bath kindle chocolate and butter. Having removed from fire, add powder to the received mass of egg, sugar, vanillin, cocoa. Grease in advance prepared baking dish with butter and strew with cocoa powder. Pour out chocolate weight in form and bake in oven of 30 minutes at temperature of 150 degrees.

Buckwheat pancakes

гречневые блины To sift in bowl 100 gr buckwheat flour and 1/2 h l. salts.

To make deepening in the center and to add 1 egg.

To gradually pour in 300 ml of water; to make dough.

To warm several drops of oil on frying pan. To pour on frying pan it is a little test and to fry from two parties.

To give with sweet and unsweetened stuffings.

Minuses of bezglyutenovy diet

It is possible to carry to minuses that when the person returns to usual food, the lost kilograms can return with ease again.

Also at its observance it is necessary to watch constantly food which get to plate, to check structure and to look for the word "gluten" on labels.

People who follow bezglyutenovy diet do not receive the necessary level of certain vitamins and nutrients. Therefore it is necessary to review diet and to add enough products with the content of calcium, thiamin, niatsin and folic acid.