Electrolyte-deficient diet

бессолевая диета
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In the sixties sodium chloride, usual table salt, have christened white death. And still on habit we continue it to call so. But whether so salt is harmful? Let's understand.

Certainly, the salt surplus (more than 15 grams a day) can be the cause of very unpleasant effects. Developing of hypostases, increase in load of kidneys, increase of arterial pressure and early development of atherosclerosis. But excessively salty snack stimulate appetite, so promote set of excess weight.

Exit would seem it is simple - to minimize consumption of salt or at all to exclude it from diet. However so radical measures can even do much harm. If salt has not enough, then in organism special enzymes which detain it begin to work. The body begins to save salt as if for emergency. These enzymes have side effect - they damage walls of blood vessels. And it leads to heart attacks and strokes. Researches have shown that at the men and women who have begun at the age of 40-50 without indications, special on that, to limit salt, the risk of cardiovascular diseases considerably increases. So salt - product at the same time both useful and harmful. Let's observe golden mean.

In our climate it is required to the healthy person in days of 15 grams of salt. These are about one and a half teaspoons. And third of this quantity (approximately half teaspoon) - in pure form, for food dosalivaniye. We receive other quantity from ready-made products.

It is recommended to limit salt at cardiovascular, inflammatory diseases and at renal failure. Here, ordered by the doctor, norm of consumption of salt. At hypertension - no more than 5-6 grams a day. At chronic heart failure and cirrhosis - 1-3 grams.

Many use electrolyte-deficient diet for weight loss, and in circumvention of medical recommendations. It is not recommended it to do! You, of course, will grow thin. But at the expense of liquid conclusion from organism. And contain with it the vital minerals and microelements will leave. And weight, by the way, will very quickly return. Liquid in bodies and fabrics is recovered.