Advantage of dietary soups

польза диетических супов

Presently, when many are disturbed by problem of excess weight, the role of the healthy, balanced nutrition is very important. If you go on diet and want to keep health and working capacity, not only proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral substances, amino acids and cellulose, but also vegetable and animal fats are necessary for you. And any soup even if prepared on meat broth, it is possible to call dietary dish.

Professional nutritionists claim that soup plays important role in limited diet of the stout person. This fresh vegetables dish prepared with meat or fish is capable to warn metabolic disorders. If there is soup at least once in day, it is possible to exclude also anomalies of endocrine, digestive, secretory and cardiovascular systems.

Soups are very useful to children from the earliest age. They provide full development of all organism. First course as the most harmless and easily acquired is recommended to patients after heavy operations too.

But dietary soup differs from the others, first of all in availability of certain ingredients. So, at it there shall be cabbage which is saturated with potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron and iodine. Also it is rich with the sucrose accelerating digestion process, removing excess of liquid, cholesterol and fats, cellulose, phytoncides, enzymes and vitamins of groups A, C, B and P.

One more necessary component of dietary soup - celery. It carries out function of combustion of fats, saturates organism with B1, B2, P and C vitamins, acids, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Also it increases physical and intellectual working capacity and calms nerves.

The use of soups for weight loss together with moderate physical activities guarantees disposal from 3 to 7 kg of excess weight in week. However, it is possible to achieve such result only if you will refuse alcoholic, sweet and carbonated drinks, you will not eat flour products, bread and sweets. However, the people having diabetes and liver failure cannot apply similar diet.

How it is correct to cook dietary soup?

Soups for weight loss only in house conditions from natural products are cooked. It is impossible to add different semi-finished products at all.

Seasonings can be used only natural, and spices and salt should not be very much, otherwise it will be already impossible to call soup dietary.

Soups for weight loss not for long as thermal treatment takes away set of useful substances cook. Besides, the digested first course loses the tastes and appetizing look.

Vegetables need to be put after water begins to boil. Vitamins, especially vitamin C will so best of all remain. Carrots should be warmed up slightly with sunflower oil that carotene was a little dissolved in fat.

Extent of crushing of products in soup depends on as far as you need it. At diseases of gastrointestinal tract cream soups will approach more.

It is necessary to cook soup on once as the dish left next day has no nutritional value any more.