Diet PCA (proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation)

диета БУЧ

Recently at disposal of excess weight the system of proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation became popular. The essence of this way of food consists in replaceable variation of amount of the used proteins and carbohydrates to reach gradual, but effective and safe weight loss. As we know, the low-carbohydrate diet can lead to loss of muscle bulk, sharp changes of mood, depression, and also to problems at physical or mental work that is connected with shortage of forces.

Proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation represents system which allows to get rid easily of persuasive kilograms of excess weight and to keep the gained effect throughout long time.

Diet mechanism

What mechanisms turn on when the diet of carbohydrate alternation works? If the person receives insufficient amount of carbohydrates, the organism begins to develop energy from own fatty stocks. Thus, fatty "depots" begin to be exhausted. But if the organism does not receive enough carbohydrates throughout the long period of time, then he begins to look for other sources for energy completion. That it has not occurred, for the third day increase in diet of carbohydrates is supposed. At the same time there is decrease in share of proteins in the daily menu in order that daily caloric content remained in the set limits.

As a result of so short-term influences the organism does not manage to understand what happens to it. And by inertia continues to develop energy, using own reserves of fat. All this time glycogen stocks in liver and in muscles continue to be increased. Recovery of normal level of glycogen requires several days. Therefore for the fourth day it is necessary to begin the use of carbohydrates (but in considerable smaller measure, than in the third day).

Scheme of diet of TURMOILS

1 and 2 day - minimum of carbohydrates and maximum of protein.
3 day - minimum of protein and maximum of carbohydrates.
4 day - average day, and still try to eat carbohydrates more, than squirrel.

It is possible to eat according to this simple scheme as much as necessary long - before achievement of treasured figure on scales. Let's consider in more detail each of days.

1 day - proteinaceous

It is necessary to calculate necessary to you amounts of protein in grams, proceeding from formula: 3 to increase by your desirable weight in kilograms. For example, you dream to weigh 50 kilograms. On our formula you need 150 grams of protein for all day. These are low-fat grades of meat, fish, birds, the fat-free fermented milk products.

The products rich with carbohydrates, completely we exclude. Carbohydrates are admissible only those that are part of proteinaceous food. In total them there have to be no more than 20-25 grams per day. Fats - also no more than 25 grams.

2 day - proteinaceous

Food of 1 day is duplicated. If you watch caloric content, then your day diet has to keep within 1200 - 1500 kilocalories.

3 day - carbohydrate

It is necessary to calculate necessary to you amounts of carbohydrates in grams, proceeding from formula: 4 to increase by your desirable weight in kilograms. For example, you dream to weigh 50 kilograms. On our formula you need 200 grams of carbohydrates for all day. These are fruit, vegetables, grain, farinaceous food. A little chocolate, sweets, but within 1200-1500 kilocalories is allowed.

We reduce consumption of proteinaceous products to minimum (to 1,5 grams), but the last meal has to be strictly proteinaceous (milk, cottage cheese, cheese, kefir). Fats there have to be about 30 grams in day.

4 day - usual day (average)

As option, it is possible to eat, as in the 3rd day. Or at discretion. The main thing that caloric content did not exceed 1200 kilocalories.

The approximate menu of diet of TURMOILS for all days

We will not provide recipes of diet of TURMOILS in this material, but in dietary cookery there is nothing difficult. Just look at the menu below, and you will understand it.

Proteinaceous days

Breakfast: cottage cheese, unsweetened tea
Lunch: omelet
Lunch: fish on couple, cucumber
Afternoon snack: kefir or natural yogurt
Dinner: chicken breast on couple or braised beef
For the night: fermented baked milk

Carbohydrate days

Breakfast: muesli (at will – with milk, dried fruits, honey)
Lunch: two apricots or apple
Lunch: rice, buckwheat or macaroni with tomato sauce, vegetable salad, piece of rye bread
Afternoon snack: fruit
Dinner: sheet vegetables salad, the meat fried in oil or fish, small loaf
For the night: fermented baked milk or kefir

Proteinaceous and carbohydrate days

Breakfast: porridge with dried fruits, yogurt
Lunch: apple
Lunch: rice or buckwheat with fish on couple
Afternoon snack: fermented baked milk with honey
Dinner: lentil, stewed meat
For the night: fermented baked milk or drinking yogurt

It is possible to repeat the menu of diet of carbohydrate alternation in the form of such four-day cycles until you do not achieve desirable result. If it is not set the purpose to make "revolution" in weight loss, and to get rid of 5-15 kg, then adhere to the program 2-3 months.

Why belkovo carbohydrate alternation is effective

First of all, restriction of carbohydrates in proteinaceous days leads to fast dumping of excess liquid, and, in combination with trainings, to acceleration of combustion of fat. If the menu is low-calorie, and physical activity – to be present, the person during proteinaceous days will lose weight.

The balanced and high-carbohydrate days in diet of TURMOILS carry out role of "prevention from weakness". Having filled glikogenovy depots, you will feel inflow of fresh forces, and will not manage to face with typical for proteinaceous diet dizziness, to ketoses, bad mood and unwillingness to do something.

Recommendations at observance of proteinaceous and carbohydrate power supply system

  1. Wrong opinion that in proteinaceous days it is impossible to use carbohydrates as they promote normal mental state and mood. Also refusal of carbohydrates will not allow to adhere to this diet long time. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to distribute rigidly products on proteinaceous and carbohydrate. For example, many dairy products besides that are considered as proteinaceous, contain also carbohydrates.
  2. At weight loss it is necessary to watch in proteinaceous days the number of the used calories. At the same time the diet needs to be made from products of low fat content: for example, the cottage cheese (fat-free) tuna, dietary meat or fish. Deficit not only carbohydrates, but also fats will lead to burning by organism of the postponed stocks that promotes losses of excess weight.
  3. It is recommended to plan carefully diet and to calculate day portion of protein in low-carbohydrate days. Carbohydrates do not need to be considered as they are for a while excluded as well fats, it is just necessary to minimize them.
  4. The amount of protein is defined thus: we take value of the weight and we multiply on 3. It is also day norm of protein in grams. If weight is too increased, then it is possible to take reduced indicator for calculation, but at the same time it is impossible to take away more than 10 kg. On certain value we make day diet. To understand how many food it is necessary to include, it is possible to use the table of caloric content of products with separate calculation of content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  5. In carbohydrate day it is not necessary to be engaged in calculation. The main thing – to use high-carbohydrate products: for example, different porridges, vegetables, grain, macaroni from wheat. To distribute saturation and advantage of the product containing carbohydrates it is recommended to use the special table of glycemic index. In it, the GI indicator, the less useful product is higher. For proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet more suitable those products, in which the GI most low index.
  6. For the balanced (fourth) day it is necessary to eat in the morning carbohydrate food, in the afternoon – proteinaceous, combining with carbohydrates, and in the evening exclusively proteinaceous products.
  7. At physical activities it is necessary to understand that expenses of energy depend on "weight" of the eaten food. Between the substances received from food and the burned energy there has to be balance.
  8. The power value of the eaten food has to make from 1200 kcal and to 3500 kcal a day. It is necessary to plan food allowance at proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation so that it included certain portion (necessary for normal work of organism) proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and also vitamins and minerals.

Advantages of diet of carbohydrate alternation

First of all, such diet allows 'to untwist' as fast as possible metabolism, and, adaptation to any certain caloric content does not happen. In addition you constantly support rather high physical tone and can carry out intensive physical trainings from time to time.

Regular "tossing" of carbohydrates in diet does not allow organism to use muscles as fuel that is extremely important, excessive loss of muscle bulk turns into the "fallen asleep" metabolism owing to what you, it seems, absolutely cease to eat and all the same do not grow thin.

One more plus of diet of carbohydrate alternation consists that it allows to support high mental tone. When you go on diet and know that you will be deprived of these or those products two-three months, you are covered by horror. And quite another matter, when to you just you plan the menu and you eat certain products in certain days

And one more plus of diet of carbohydrate alternation consists that it works! Also works for everything 100! The approximate power supply circuit for all four days of microcycle is included below. Selection of products, caloric content, frequency of meals, are especially individual and are dictated by such circumstances as sex, age, personal addictions, at last.

Shortcomings of carbohydrate alternation

Considering scarcity of information on this subject, given about shortcomings of proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation of Russian-speaking network practically is not present. Let's list the main:

  • Speed of weight reduction it is notable below, in comparison with classical diet for weight loss. It is connected with the fact that the organism during low-carbohydrate days switches to high-economy mode of metabolism therefore during high-carbohydrate days the most part of nutrients passes back into fat. Thus we receive something like "effect of pendulum": combustion of fat - fat synthesis. Illiterate authors try to deny it, however this situation finds accurate confirmation in researches at measurement of speed of exchange of lipids.
  • High risk of development of gastritis, stomach ulcer and gastrointestinal frustration.
  • The diet gives in to individual adjustment, in connection with the difficult mode much more difficult. Especially often negative responses are reported by women who cannot adequately calculate caloric content. According to the statistics of about 30% do not achieve desirable result.
  • Despite high popularity and approval from specialists, superiority in efficiency is not confirmed in researches.
  • The dietitian Anna Belousova considers that this diet cannot work long time (more than 30 days) therefore the malopolezna at the expressed obesity, but at the same time predicts high performance at combination to physical activities though he does not give sufficient justification.

Reviews of diet of turmoils and contraindication

Reviews of proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet testify to its efficiency and good tolerance. However, as well as other proteinaceous diets, it is contraindicated to persons with diseases of kidneys.

It is quite difficult to observe TURMOILS, without having skills of healthy food. At such people it often turns into eating of chocolates and rolls without control in carbohydrate days and food by nearly processed cheeses in proteinaceous.

Try to avoid "ready to the maximum in advance" and tinned food, and be convinced in own health before diet.

Having tested on itself this diet, you will understand all its advantages. It not only accelerates metabolism in the shortest terms, but allows to support easily at the high level physical and psychological tone.

If all of you make correctly and will adhere to data of the recommendation, then the result will not keep itself waiting, and your appearance will change in where the best party.

Easy diet to you!


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