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What the people resorting to diet most often complain of? Most often it is necessary to hear the following: "as soon as I have descended from diet, all dumped kilograms have returned".

We with ease can make the list of unsuccessful diets obshcheshchayushchy to us easy weight loss during dream. Diets with the high content of protein, carbohydrates and glycoprival diet. You want to grow thin, and the end same result. Excess weight again with you and you again before the same problem. How we can avoid this vicious circle? If we have resolved to control the weight, then how we learn that this time we will achieve success?

Solution - availability of protein in diet. Without it you will lose not fat, and muscle bulk. And the lost weight will return on the termination of diet.

To lose weight and to keep normal form we need to use stronger proteinaceous structures under the name of amino acid. Actually protein represents long chain of amino acids. Through system of digestion the organism splits this chain on separate amino acids for absorption them in blood. During this long process the body tensely works on digestion. Protein helps to satisfy hunger and gives to muscles force. Thus the metabolism is not slowed down. But the most part of proteinaceous food contains a lot of fat. Is reasonable to find products with the high content of protein and low content of saturated fats to reach effect of stable weight reduction. We want to provide organism with all necessary amino acids, without loading at the same time system of digestion and without causing additional stress to organism.

From all variety of the diets existing nowadays for weight loss the proteinaceous diet is the most effective. The result will not keep itself waiting if to combine diet with power exercises therefore it is ideally suited not only for women, but also for men.

In fact, the proteinaceous diet for weight loss represents stay in diet only of the food with the high content of protein deprived or with the lowered content of fats and carbohydrates. Fundamental difference of proteinaceous diet is restriction of the food turning into fat during digestion, it, ideally, has to contain only pure protein, necessary for food of muscles.

Become such products:

- Dietary meat of chicken, veal, rabbit flesh;
- Skim milk (as option – the fat-free yogurt, however in it is more than carbohydrates, than protein);
- oven proteins;
- Sea fish with light meat, and also humpback salmon, tuna, salmon;
- Cheese with the lowered content of fat.

Who will be suitable proteinaceous diet for weight loss?

кому подойдет белковая диета The diet including consumption of pure protein is shown for the young people leading active lifestyle. In turn, aged people owing to features of organism will not be able to transfer it without effects for health, such as possible emergence of blood clots and increase in coagulability of blood therefore it is better for them to refuse it.

Nevertheless, not all young people can try on themselves diet, the group of people is also limited. The proteinaceous diet suits those who love meat, but at the same time can limit for the period of diet itself in sweets. Meat eaters – in the most of the man, but some women though their percentage ratio is much lower, cannot live meatless too.

The diet is ideal for the athletes and body builders leading active lifestyle. Muscle bulk is necessary for them for achievement of new victories in the chosen field, but as physical exercises to reach it very long, the proteinaceous diet helps to achieve desirable result for several days.

The proteinaceous diet will approach, naturally, and to the persons having excess weight on that it and diet from the category "for weight loss". Popular belief in positiveness of this diet is preservation of the lost weight without annex to that of efforts.

Those pregnant women who – and their majority – daily gather on some noticeable grams, pouring out by the end every week nearly in the next kilogram can also use diet. It will help to normalize increase in weight, at the same time no negative impacts on health of the most pregnant and the developing fruit will be shown.

Exception of the list of persons to whom the proteinaceous diet for weight loss is recommended sweet teeth make. This results from the fact that even in case of full compliance to diet certain number of days such person will also be able to keep from sweet, for certain he will not change further himself, and will resume consumption of products with the increased content of sugar, and it is fraught not only return to former weight, but also set of new kilograms.

As it has been stated above, aged people will not be able to use proteinaceous diet. To their list also very corpulent people increase, and also those who have diseases of gastrointestinal tract (it is colitis, chronic pancreatitis, syndrome of the angry gut, dysbacteriosis), and also those who have violations of functions of kidneys.

Merits and demerits of proteinaceous diet

достоинства и недостатки белковой диеты In consciousness of the majority the certain opinion on diets which is reduced to the fact that observance of diet means the weight loss noticeable visually after its beginning was postponed. Such prompt rate of weight loss is the main advantage of proteinaceous diet that, in fact, does it very popular.

Also the fact that all dumped kilograms return much longer is important, but here it is necessary to consider the way of life, subsequent to diet, and the relation to what, from the point of view of healthy food, daily is on dining table.

The third advantage of proteinaceous diet is the possibility of the use in food of products rich with variety. Food is various and therefore, the person leaving because of table will have no instant desire to have a bite still something.

Duration of diet is limited two weeks, and it can repeat no more once a year.

Essential lack of proteinaceous diet is its imbalance. And it means that receipt in organism mainly of one protein is fraught with conclusion from it of calcium and microelements, that necessary material on which health of all bone system is supported. Physically it is expressed in the increased fragility of bones, stratification of nails and loss of healthy force of hair why they become faded and considerably weakened.

In addition, big loading is undertaken by kidneys. Their work becomes more active, the organism begins to lose liquid at the accelerated rates, and it is dehydration at which the person physically feels loss of vital forces and apathy.

Menu and table of proteinaceous diet

меню и таблица белковой диеты Cooking for compliance to its proteinaceous diet is recommended in the form of boiling or roasting. For this purpose the double boiler, oven, brazier are ideally suited. In salads there should not be a lot of sauce or salts, mayonnaise and vinegar are not allowed at all. Vegetable oil from seeds of sunflower is whenever possible replaced olive, and its consumption has to be limited to at most 4 spoons a day, butter is excluded at all.

oven proteins are eaten in the boiled or baked look, they can be added some salt and flavored with seasonings.

The table of proteinaceous diet provides the following menu:

Days of proteinaceous diet Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 1 150 gr. boiled beef, 100 gr. sauerkraut with green peas, mug of green tea 150 gr. boiled beef, 1 piece of black bread, 100 gr. salad from cabbage, paprika and greens 150 gr. boiled fish, 2 boiled potatoes, 100 gr. boiled beet sour cream salad
Day 2 100 gr. boiled beef, 100 gr. fresh grated carrots with mayonnaise, mug of green tea 200 gr. boiled fish, 1 apple. 1 Art. of apple juice 100 gr. boiled fish, 100 gr. salad, 1 piece of black bread
Day 3 100 gr. boiled pork, 1 apple, mug of green tea 200 gr. boiled haricot, 200 gr. crude vegetables 150 gr. boiled low-fat pork, 150 gr. sauerkraut with green peas
Day 4 100 gr. fast cottage cheese, circle of green tea or natural coffee 150 gr. braised beef with carrots, 150 gr. vegetable salad 150 gr. thinly cut tomatoes and onions with vegetable oil
Day 5 1 Art. of kefir, 2 pieces of digestive biscuit 200 gr. boiled fish, 100 gr. the chopped tomatoes with vegetable oil 200 gr. the fat-free pork, 1 apple, 1 Art. of apple juice
Day 6 150 gr. fast cottage cheese, circle of green tea or natural coffee 100 gr. boiled beans, 100 gr. fresh grated carrots with mayonnaise 150 gr. boiled fish, 100 gr. vinaigrette
Day 7 1 Art. of milk, 2 pieces of fast cookies 200 gr. boiled mutton, 100 gr. vegetable salad the soup cooked on meat broth with vegetables, 100 gr. low-fat mutton, 1 piece of black bread

It is ideal if throughout all diet it is strict to adhere to the above-stated menu, however there will not come the big trouble if products are used in a bit different combination and to small difference on time. Anyway, it is necessary to remember that daily meal has to occur on average 7 – 8 times gradually instead of usual three, but in large number.

From the provided table of proteinaceous diet it is visible that bakery products are excluded from the menu almost completely. It is connected with the fact that flour products only promote formation of extra kilos, but are not obligatory for organism. Some nutritionists hold such opinion. Others, on the contrary, are sure that consumption of small portions of bread is not capable to upset diet, on the contrary, it is possible to add boiled grain to it, fresh (but not marinated!) vegetables and greens. Besides, the main thing – not to be overzealous, and for this purpose it is necessary to know the exact list of the products containing mostly only one protein.

Options of proteinaceous diet exists a little, and one of them provides 3 – x one-time meal. In this case the menu is not more various as in one or two hours after meal the additional breakfast or lunch follows. The exception makes dinner: it should not occur after 18 hours, but if by the evening the feeling of hunger has strongly an effect, it is possible to dull it with cup of green mint tea.


Not to allow severe dehydration of organism, it is possible in 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner to have glass of usual drinking or mineral water.

It is also necessary to remember and that the total quantity of the calories used a day should not be less than 1 200 is minimum for maintenance of health of organism.

Before application of proteinaceous diet it is necessary to pay attention to some very considerable factors:

1. Adhering to certain diet, it is desirable not to allow in it eases or different retreats. It is desirable that everyday meal occurred in time which is strictly fixed for this purpose, especially it concerns dinners; too late meal will not bring benefit, and the organism instead of rest should work strenuously. белковая диета

2. The table of recipes which is always before eyes will not allow to forget the diet made for 2 weeks.

3. The successful result directly depends also on amount of the consumed liquid: it there have to be not less than one and a half liters a day.

4. The main destination of proteinaceous diet is given to active people therefore physical exercises and loadings not only will not prevent, and on the contrary, will promote in receiving excellent result.

5. Very few people manage to combine work and diet therefore it is the best of all to adhere to it in free time what can by the right become issue or vacation.

It is known that in overcoming of hunger days from the third on the fifth, are the last 2 days the most difficult. At this particular time the organism deprived of support from the outside begins to activate the forces, fatty deposits go for "top dressing". It is possible to overcome this time, being distracted by foreign cares and interests, but the excellent result and feeling is guaranteed afterwards that the will power conducting to undoubted victory – is, and it is strong.


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