White coal for weight loss

белый уголь
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Looking for panacea from excess weight again have found tempting option - white coal for weight loss. This substance is on sale in tablets and, as well as usual black absorbent carbon, promotes cleaning of digestive tract thanks to what the food begins to be acquired much better and more effectively, but does not turn into fatty deposits.

First of all we will note that it is good to use white coal for dumping of excess weight if the organism has the following problems:

  • skin rashes
  • intestines zashlakovannost
  • abdominal distension
  • violation of acts of defecation of intestines

As white coal for weight loss works

This means consists of silicon dioxide and microcrystallic cellulose which is extracted from cellulose of plant origin.

Silicon dioxide brings out of blood in intestines toxins, heavy metals, alkanoida and allergens, and cellulose fibers in the direction of travel up to gastrointestinal tract connect toxic substances, excesses of gastric juice, bile, cholesterol, clean off slags from walls of intestines and bring all this out of organism in the natural way.

Thanks to the complex clearing influence white coal for weight loss is shown, it will bring benefit and at food poisonings, hungover syndrome, digestion violations, problems with skin, dysfunction of kidneys and liver, etc.

Initially white coal is not intended for weight loss. However some of its properties allow to use rather effectively it for this purpose. Let's understand how process of weight loss at the use of white coal is started and as it is correct to accept it.

White coal for weight loss: instruction

How it is possible to take so many medicines at once? According to the instruction white coal for weight loss should be dosed, being guided by the weight of the person:

  • weighing 45-60 kg it is necessary to take 5 pill for time
  • weighing 60-70 kg - 8 tablets
  • weighing 70-80 kg - 10 tablets
  • weighing 80 kg and more it is necessary to add 2 more tablets

Not only the dose is important, but also how to accept white coal for weight loss. It is necessary to understand that this means is not something magic, from the series "has eaten and has grown thin". It is necessary to provide certain conditions in intestines for achievement of its maximum efficiency.

In the beginning carry out fasting day - eat nothing during the day and drink only clear water, it is desirable not gassy.

After you prepare the intestines, in the evening of the same day take necessary quantity of medicines. They can be drunk entirely or to crush in powder and to dissolve in glass of warm water. Next day on an empty stomach drink one more dose of preparation and have breakfast, and the breakfast has to be lung.

During the lunchtime drink chicken broth, and eat cottage cheese in the evening.

Repeat everything for the second day as it is proved that well it is only possible to grow thin if to accept means within two days.

Surely exclude the sour-milk and containing yeast products, bread, kvass, beer, any fat and fried dishes from diet. Believe, the result will be stunning!

Differences of white coal from the activated black

белый уголь для похудения White coal is more convenient if it to accept for treatment of poisonings, or prevention of hangover. It is enough only one-two tablets to remove intoxication symptoms. Doctors often recommend this preparation in combination with washing of stomach.

White coal is called sorbent of the fourth generation whereas usual black absorbent carbon - sorbent of the first generation. Thanks to the structure white coal is capable to soak up more toxins. The preparation has no color, taste and smell, does not soil hand.

White coal is better transferred, does not cause heavy feelings or discomfort in stomach, locks, stimulates motility of intestines thanks to the fact that fine-crystalline cellulose is part.

White coal: pluses and minuses

Having studied responses and opinions about coal for weight loss, we have come to conclusion that this means helps with fight against extra kilos approximately in 50% of cases from 100%.

As for strengths of white coal, the preparation promotes:

☀ normalization of dream;

☀ to working capacity increase;

☀ to immunity improvement;

☀ to finding of healthy skin color.

Situations when the white coal which is widely applied to weight loss not strongly recommends to use:

☀ during pregnancy and breastfeeding;

☀ at intolerance of one of components;

☀ at intestinal impassability;

☀ at diseases of duodenum and stomach ulcer;

☀ at intestinal and gastric bleedings.