Racetrack for weight loss

беговая дорожка для похудения
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If you have chosen for yourself such method as run for weight loss, but want to be engaged houses, the racetrack is simply necessary. It can use, for example, during bad weather or in the conditions of the big city when there is no place, convenient for run, near the house, or for any other reason.

Types of racetracks




Mechanical exercise machines do not depend on electric power sources, they can be put, they are compact and do not take a lot of place. Kind of mechanical paths - magnetic racetracks. They are equipped with the special system allowing to brake and strengthen smoothly loading. In electric treadmills the cloth is set in motion by electric motor.

Racetrack parameters for weight loss

1. The number of the preset programs which provide you with different speeds and inclination during training.

2. The pulse sensor - when you want to control the warm rhythm, it matters depending on your age and weight. If your pulse is too high, it is necessary to be slowed down if your pulse too low, on the contrary it is necessary to increase intensity of training.

3. The built-in fan which allows to avoid overheating during walking or run.

4. The holder of bottle of water - this function allows you to put water bottle within easy reach that you could avoid dehydration while you work at racetrack.

5. Thickness of running tape also has to be in the priority list because exerts impact on comfort of legs and foot at long use. Choose racetrack for weight loss which has cloth thickness not less than 2 cm.

6. The running tape has to be the sufficient length (not less than 110 cm) and width (at least 45 cm) that it was convenient to go on it. Check it still when you are in shop.

As it is correct to be engaged on racetrack

The main precept - systematicity. To grow thin on racetrack, it is necessary to be engaged daily or at least five weekly.

Begin with small. Speed, duration, intensity of run need to be increased gradually. At first learn to go quickly and effectively. Then start run.

Begin each training with warm-up - to warm muscles and to prepare heart for the forthcoming loading.

It is desirable to run at least for 30 minutes every day. Two times a week it is possible to prolong jogs till 45-60 minutes. Then you will really burn fats.

It is the most effective to be engaged in the mornings. At this time calories are burned quicker and morning jogs perfectly tone up and give charge of cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day. But do not run directly from bed - let's organism wake up within 10-20 minutes.

Drink - to, in time and later. During trainings the organism loses not only fats, but also liquid, and in large numbers. It is impossible to allow dehydration therefore the glass of water before jog is simply necessary. Also it is necessary to drink each 15 minutes during training - small drinks.

Apply the correct equipment. You go directly on racetrack, having straightened shoulders and thorax. Slightly strain stomach muscles. Put foot on heel, and then roll it on fingers, with force making a start front part of foot for the following step. To increase speed, take more fast paces, but do not extend them. Try to work hands, having bent them in elbows and moving them from waist to thorax and back.

You monitor pulse that it during training did not fall lower than 127-130 blows.

Finish smoothly, slowing down rates at the end of run. You resemble several minutes before stopping that heartbeat has calmed down, and muscles did not hurt then.

It is good to take cool shower after training, but temperature also should not be lowered sharply. If you have got used to hot water - for a start just make it warm.

It is desirable to have a rest a little after jog.

Councils at weight loss on racetrack

Weight loss on racetrack imposes special requirements to food allowance during this period. To achieve results and to lose calories on racetrack, it is only not enough to be engaged, it is necessary also to keep to diet.

It is impossible to apply diet strict at all or monodiet, it is necessary to balance the diet only.

Eat often, about five times a day, but gradually

In diet there have to be proteins, fats (it is better than plant origin), carbohydrates, different vitamins. It is necessary to eat fully, including in the menu and cereals, both fruit, and vegetables, and fermented milk products. The organism needs vitamins and nutrients, especially in the conditions of active physical activities. Especially as the racetrack "will burn" excess calories in no time.

To lose on calorie racetrack without harm for health take into consideration the following councils:

  • be not engaged if the head or of you hurts there is feeling sick
  • do not run barefoot
  • you will choose good footwear, so you reduce load of joints

In combination with diet weight loss on racetrack will be more effective than observance of these simple rules and, of course, regularity of occupations.

Exercises on racetrack

Training on racetrack can be infinitely boring, and can turn into dynamic action! Everything depends on what exercises will be to the taste to you.


Has almost wonder-working effect! In addition to acceleration of process of zhiroszhiganiye, walking is capable to remove stress, at the same time influencing all muscles. At least 30 minutes of vigorous walking a day - on the street or on racetrack - will allow you to support health of cardiovascular and respiratory system.


About advantage of run on racetrack literally compose legends! This look kardio is most popular, and really causes accustoming - in good sense of this word. If the first jogs can cause in you the mixed feelings of unwillingness, laziness, then over time running trainings will be in pleasure.


Allows to squeeze out maximum of the potential! Such type of trainings on racetrack demands from you work to the limit, but at the same time and burns calories at full capacity!

Under inclination

These are easiest way to make trainings by more intense. Changing tilt angle, you promote prompter weight loss during trainings on racetrack. Today the method constructed on alternation of walking under inclination and walking with certain speed, wins popularity in niche of cardiotrainings more and more. And not for nothing: regular trainings of this kind really allow to bring figure into the necessary form in short terms.


The main enemy of efficiency of trainings - monotony. It is possible to avoid tiresome occupations in only one way - having turned training on racetrack into game with speed! Alternating jogging and walking, or walking and run on speed limit, you derive more pleasure from occupations on racetrack more effect!

Advantage of the running exercise machine

According to reviews racetrack for weight loss useful thing for the house. Practice of their use has proved efficiency of these devices for maintenance of human health.

Regular trainings on racetrack allow:

☀ to normalize functioning of cardiovascular system of the person;

☀ to adjust defects of figure: the constitution improves, fatty deposits in hips, on sides clean up; the graceful waist forms; increase actually of weight is prevented;

☀ the metabolism in organism improves;

☀ to normalize work of the major systems of organism;

☀ to stabilize psychological state of the person, to facilitate fight against stresses, nervous tension;

☀ to lighten mood;

☀ to appear to feeling of pleasure from possession of body;

☀ to increase operability of organism, to improve functionality of respiratory organs.


Weight loss on racetrack is authorized not to all - there are also contraindications, such as:

беговая дорожка

  • insufficiency of blood circulation;
  • the inborn or acquired heart disease;
  • sharp diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • temperature;
  • thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities;
  • frustration of warm rhythm;
  • pulmonary heart failure;
  • stenocardia;
  • bronchial asthma with frequent attacks;
  • high pressure;
  • mitral stenosis;
  • osteochondrosis (many forms);
  • violations of functions of joints.

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