Run for weight loss and strengthening of heart

бег для похудения и укрепления сердца
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Run for weight loss – one of the easiest and productive ways not only to get rid of extra kilos, but also to strengthen health including heart. It is known for a long time that regular jogging is prevention of many heart diseases. At the same time there is no difference, where exactly you were going to run, – on modern racetrack or in the nearest park from the house – any of options will help to put your figure in order and to rectify faults with health.

Our heart in the same way needs training, as well as muscles. By scientists it is proved: by means of run the cardiac muscle not only becomes stronger, but also increases in the amount of, and it, in turn, allows it to carry out well pushing-out function that significantly improves blood circulation. During run the blood-groove becomes quicker – vessels extend and new capillaries are involved – such changes well influence cardiovascular activity and often lead to regulation of arterial pressure.

It is a little about advantage of run

Run is considered very useful occupation because:

- trains and strengthens all muscles including warm, doing work of heart with higher quality;

- improves blood supply of organism;

- oxygenates all cages;

- increases endurance of organism, resilience to viral diseases and promotes immunity strengthening;

- promotes improvement of metabolism and lowering of cholesterol;

- improves coordination of movements;

- it helps organism to be cleared of slags and toxins which at intensive loading come out through sweat;

- promotes weight loss;

- reduces risk of developing of atherosclerosis;

- it is considered one of the best ways of rest from intellectual and intellectual activity.

The text which has remained up to now on stone made in Ancient Greek language says:

"You want to be hardy - run,
you want to be captivatingly beautiful - run,
you want to be wise – run"

During run there is increase of heartbeat and breath, at the expense of it inflow of blood and oxygen to all bodies and cages increases. Occupations by run prolong life on 5-8 flyings. Besides, Americans have scientifically proved the fact that jogging promotes considerable acceleration of growth of cells of human brain, and in that area where there are processes of storing and training.

Run is useful to people with vegetososudisty dystonia and with chronic fatigue. Occupations on racetrack or stadium are capable to encourage much more, than couple of cups of strong coffee or tea.

When it is impossible to run (contraindications)

немного о пользе бега You cannot be engaged in run if you:

• recently have had stroke or heart attack;

• you have inborn heart disease;

• you have chronic hypertension (high arterial pressure);

• you have arrhythmia or insufficient blood circulation;

• you had had exacerbation of chronic disease;

• you have very poor eyesight or disease connected with retina of eyes.

Anyway prior to occupations by run if you have any chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. It will be able to recommend optimum time and rate of your trainings.

As it is correct to run to grow thin

1. It is necessary to begin with short jogs (no more than 10 minutes) or with sports walking. All who are not engaged in physical exercises regularly have to follow this rule. Sharp tension can be reflected very badly in the general condition of organism, and at work of heart including. Therefore it is not necessary to give all the best the first few days on all hundred – give to the organism the chance to get used gradually to physical activity.

2. Do not forget to warm up and stretch. It is necessary to warm surely muscles just before training and to do small extension later. It will allow to avoid injuries and stretchings.

3. Having begun from 10 minutes, gradually finish jog time till 40-60 minutes. It is especially important for those who wish to lose extra kilos, - directly combustion of fat begins to come after 30 minutes from the beginning of continuous muscle work. Researchers and doctors when they looked for the answer to question have come to such conclusion: how many to run to grow thin. They have noticed that in the first half an hour of training glycogen stocks in liver and ATP (the nucleotide which is universal power source) are spent.

4. Try to run as often as possible. Ideally run for weight loss and strengthening of heart is training which needs to be carried out daily. Therefore make trainings of one of good habits. You remember: each skipped class – step backwards.

5. It is the best of all to run in the mornings (though some doctors advise to run only in the evening).

Run pluses in the mornings such: first, fats at this time days are split more intensively, and secondly, city air in the morning tens times purer and is fresher, than in the evening. Besides, run helps to wake up finally and gives charge of energy and cheerfulness which lasts for the whole day.

6. Put on correctly: the clothes from the natural breathing fabrics will be suitable for occupations by run. The special attention should be paid to footwear – it has to be the sports and picked-up precisely for the size leg.

7. Run without tension and in that rhythm which you consider as the most comfortable. Of course, there are many kinds and the technician of run applied by athletes. As you are not going to speak at competitions, you should not be fond of difficult professional technicians. Run as prompts your organism because run – natural way of movement. As a rule, the majority gives to preference jogging. If you feel discomfort, it is the best of all to stop occupations or at least to reduce speed. It is possible to pass just quickly instead of run usual distance.

8. It is necessary to breathe through mouth. You should not neglect this rule. All the matter is that run for weight loss is considered aerobic loading therefore the breath and exhalation through mouth during occupations by run is considered indispensable condition of successful training.

9. Consider heart rate. That occupations by run were productive and brought benefit to health, heart rate (or pulse) has to keep within certain framework. Its borders can be calculated individually: for this purpose from 220 to take away the number of full years (your age) and to increase at first on 0,6 (it will be the lower limit), and then – on 0,8 (it is upper limit).

как правильно бегать чтобы похудеть

Food during occupations by run

In order that occupations by run took place with the greatest advantage and brought not only good mood, but also visible results, it is necessary to take care of healthy nutrition:

- try to exclude from the diet flour, fried and sweet;

- the last meal has to be not later, than in three hours prior to withdrawal to dream;

- drink more liquid, at the same time refuse the carbonated drinks and ready juice bought in shop), give preference to not carbonated mineral water, cranberry drink, green tea;

- you should not eat nothing for an hour and a half and to drink for half an hour before occupations;

- if necessary during occupations several drinks usual drinking or not carbonated mineral water are allowed;

- after classes it is not recommended to eat food within two hours.

Hidden dangers of run

Reflect: what does run differ from walking in? During run you at first completely come off the Earth's surface and then fall back. In fact, run is the falling controlled by the person. During landing the backbone and joints of legs experience certain strain which several times exceeds the weight of the person. At the same time all force of blow is concentrated on feet which have the small area in comparison with the sizes of human body.

Blow force at landing increases repeatedly if you run on the asphalted road. As doctors and trainers speak, run on asphalt is capable to turn for few months of the healthy person into the disabled person. It occurs because feet of the person are initially not adapted to run on plain firm surface – such in the nature in general difficult to meet. Therefore in the most serious way it is necessary to treat the choice of the place of trainings. The best option – soil paths in park or stadium with special covering. Racetrack for weight loss in gym – too the excellent decision, especially in the winter when weather conditions and ice do not allow to carry out full trainings in the fresh air.

29-day program of run for weight loss and strengthening of heart

Today specialists have developed the special sparing program which is recognized effective in fight against fatty deposits. The main plus of this program is that it is suitable for people of any age, and elderly including.

The program includes eight occupations, between occupations – three days of break.

First occupation

The intensive walking alternating with small accelerations.

Second occupation
Alternation of loadings:

7 minutes of walking
2 minutes of jogging
8 minutes of walking
2 minutes of jogging
7 minutes of walking
1 minute of jogging
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Third occupation
Alternation of loadings:

7 minutes of walking
4 minutes of jogging
7 minutes of walking
3 minutes of jogging
6 minutes of walking
10 seconds of acceleration (fast run)
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Fourth occupation
Alternation of loadings:

6 minutes of walking
6 minutes of jogging
7 minutes of walking
3 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
3 minutes of jogging
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Fifth occupation
Alternation of loading:

3 minutes of walking
8 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
15 seconds of acceleration
3 minutes of walking
10 seconds of acceleration
3 minutes of walking
8 seconds of acceleration
5 minutes of walking
8 seconds of acceleration
5 minutes of walking
1 minute of jogging
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Sixth occupation
Alternation of loadings:

5 minutes of walking
10 minutes of jogging
5 minutes of walking
7 minutes of jogging
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Seventh occupation
Alternation of loadings:

4 minutes of walking
15 minutes of jogging
3 minutes of walking
5 minutes of jogging
4 minutes of walking for breath recovery.

Eighth occupation

3 minutes of walking
then 27 minutes of jogging
and at the end of, as usual, again 4 minutes of walking.
29-дневная программа

Following this program and following rules of food, you without effort will be able to grow thin and at the same time strengthen cardiac muscle.

The movement is also necessary for the person as food and water