Bars for weight loss

батончики для похудения
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During weight loss many women suffer from the fact that to have to refuse any candies and other delicacies. But you should not be upset, especially for it there are bars for weight loss. They can quite replace favourite cakes, but at the same time such sweets will not do any harm to your figure.

Main types of bars


Use for weight loss.

Low-calorie with l-kanitinom

Also will suit those who want to grow thin.


High-protein bars generally for set of dry weight or when drying. Sometimes this type of bars is used on low carbohydrate diet for weight loss.

Highly carbohydrate

Is accepted for weight set. As rules 100 grams contain not less than 400 calories. And the protein ratio to carbohydrates equals 1 to 3, sometimes to 4. That is carbohydrates not less than 50 grams.

Of course, there are still other types of bars, for example, cereal and fruit or oat. But they are less popular.

Than they are useful bars to weight loss

Likely each woman dreams to eat sweet and not to recover - now it has become possible. Proteinaceous bars for weight loss can, there are not only athletes, and and people who keep the figure. In spite of the fact that in such bars there are not enough calories, they contain simple carbohydrates in the form of sugar that in large numbers can lead to boomerang effect therefore the number of consumption has to be acquitted and correspond to energy costs.

Sports bars for weight loss - product which is fine source of carbohydrates and protein. Thanks to them you will have opportunity to get rid of feeling of hunger for 3 hours, and even it is more.

Bars of muesli for weight loss will become fine having a snack or in general can replace full meal, for example, if you are on the way. These products help to receive necessary energy and force.

Fruit bars for weight loss will yield fine results, only if to connect them to healthy nutrition and sports activities. Choose that to be pleasant to you, for example, run, swimming, aerobics or fitness.

Use bars correctly

Often bars recommend to use prior to training. It concerns not only to male athletes, but also to girls who visit the pool or gym.

In one day it is allowed to eat no more than 2 bars. You can replace with bar one main meal.

You should not eat bars for weight loss if you already adhere to any diet. After you will eat bar, wash down food with tea with lemon.

If you adhere to proteinaceous diet, protein bars will become excellent dessert. Do not try to replace with bars the diet at all. Protein bars are additional tool for weight loss, but not the basic in any way.

That who wants to grow thin and at the same time to keep the form, it is recommended to pay attention to such means as protein bars.

Protein bars for weight loss

Positive properties of protein bars for weight loss

It is very convenient, tasty and, besides, really useful product. They have number of indisputable advantages to which refer their ability:

  • it is excellent to satisfy feeling of hunger;
  • to support during the day the necessary level of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements in organism;
  • to prevent splitting of muscular tissue and to give to organism resources for preservation, recovery and muscle gain;
  • simple use - they can be used at any time and even during training, resupplying useful resources;
  • it is long to be stored due to specially developed packaging, even at adverse conditions - high temperatures of environment, direct sunshine, to humidity and volume similar.

Structure of protein bars for weight loss

Protein bars contain in the structure exclusively "correct" carbohydrates, that is their such combinations consisting of long and short chains which have the different speed of comprehensibility organism and it allows to provide you with energy for the long period of time.

Also protein bars contain quantity of vegetable, unsaturated fats, proteins and vitamins. Sometimes include stimulators and plant extracts in their structure. At the increased contents in bar of vitamins and extracts of herbs, it can not render required effect. Also the structure of bar should not be "overloaded" with sucrose, fructose and similar substances, it will not promote weight loss at all.

Rules of the choice of protein bar for weight loss

Proceeding from large number of different protein bars, at the choice of that for weight loss not to achieve opposite effect, pay attention to the following factors:

  • the number of kilocalories in it, some bars may contain their increased quantity, even to 400 kcal;
  • content of carbohydrates - bars with the lowered content of carbohydrates will be suitable for weight loss;
  • availability of fat - it has to be minimum and it is the best of all to contain special dietary fats.

Now many different protein bars are issued. At the choice try to pay first of all attention to the known brands which quality and efficiency are confirmed with time and good responses of the people who have tested them.

Protein bars in general should not be full replacement of the special balanced diet, and only have to serve as the specific assistant in observance of required diet.

Production of bars independently

Many fans of sports food have adapted to make protein bars independently, including in their structure protein, nuts, dried fruits, cereal flakes, copper other useful products. The main advantage of such bars before store is absence in their structure of such harmful additives as corn syrup, soy isolate, palm-oil, artificial sweeteners, and also dyes and preservatives.

Recipe of house bar

It will be required to you:

  • 200 grams of prunes;
  • 200 grams of dried apricots;
  • 100 grams of dried cranberry;
  • 100 grams of roasted peanuts;
  • 100 grams of walnuts;
  • 50 grams of sesame;
  • 50 grams of seeds of flax.

Way of preparation:

Fill in dried fruits and dried cranberry with warm water for 10-20 minutes that everything has softened. Then ship all this in the meat grinder or the blender and crush to condition of homogeneous mass.

Break peanut and walnuts hands or knife on small pieces (it is possible to use also for crushing the blender).

Mix weight from dried fruits with nuts.

Create sausages, roll in them in seeds of flax and in sesame, turn in foil or in parchment and clean at several o'clock in the refrigerator.