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What is only not invented by women, wishing to become owners of ideal figure and beautiful body!

The famous Englishwoman, the Olympic nutritionist Jane Griffin has developed and has offered all women of the world very effective diet based on inclusion in the main diet of bananas.

And today this diet is very successfully used by many Europeans and Americans who without effort get rid of extra kilos by means of bananas.

The banana diet is recognized as one of the most tasty and soft monodiets for organism. In three-four days of this monodiet 3 kg of excess weight, in 7 days – 5-6 kg are usually lost.

Who suits banana diet?

Weight loss by means of bananas is shown those who has any problems with stomach or intestines, and also explicit tendency to hypostases. Doctors and nutritionists recommend to resort to banana diet in the presence at the following diseases:

  • obesity
  • hypoglycemia (the lowered content of sugar in blood)
  • stomach ulcer of stomach
  • gastritis
  • blood circulation violation
  • diseases of liver and kidneys
  • diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways

Bananas are considered as the only fruit which it is possible and it is even necessary to use in the raw and not to be afraid at the same time of exacerbation of chronic gastritis or stomach ulcer. And by the Canadian scientists it has been still proved that bananas stimulate release of slime in stomach and updating of epithelium of its walls which protect stomach walls from damage.

Than bananas are useful?

банановая диета Bananas contain many valuable mineral substances and microelements, in particular, of the potassium having diuretic and laxative effect and thus the organism promoting natural clarification from slags and toxins. Besides, potassium stimulates work of cardiac muscle and helps to fight against the increased arterial pressure. And still this element actively participates in water-salt exchange of organism, promoting removal from it of excess liquid and toxins. For this reason the banana diet is recommended to those who often have hypostases owing to any diseases or the wrong way of life.

One more microelement with which bananas are rich, - magnesium. Magnesium reduces excitability of nervous system, participates in creation of bone tissue, influences processes of coagulability of blood. One banana completely fills standard daily rate of potassium and magnesium in organism. Supplement number of the useful microelements which are contained in bananas, iron, phosphorus, sodium, manganese and calcium.

Bananas – those fruit which, except valuable mineral substances, contain the balanced vitamin structure: in fruits of A, B1, B2, B6, C, E. Vitamins of group B improve condition of skin, nails and hair, reduce irritability. Vitamin C is considered the powerful antioxidant which is slowing down process of aging in organism and helping to cope with catarrhal diseases. Vitamin A improves sight, strengthens bone tissue, stabilizes work of immune system.

At such huge amount of mineral substances and vitamins bananas have absolutely small content of fats – it causes decrease in level of cholesterol and also positively affects the general health.

To whom is the banana diet contraindicated?

The diet based on the use of bananas is absolutely contraindicated to those who have diabetes. All the matter is that bananas contain large amount of sucrose which diabetics usually should refuse in general.

One more category of people to whom the banana diet and the use of this fruit in large numbers is not recommended are having varicosity (thrombophlebitis).

It is also not necessary to stop the choice on banana diet if the person suffers from frequent meteorizm (gas generation) or dyspepsia (disorder of digestion).

Preparation for banana diet

Before going on banana diet, it is necessary to make preparatory fasting day:

To refuse the day before greasy, fried, smoked, salty food.
During the day it is necessary to drink green tea and mineral water without gases.

Having lost harmful products and drinks, the organism begins to be adjusted on clarification and recovery of weight balance.

What bananas to buy for diet?

It is necessary to choose bananas which will need to be eaten in days of diet with special care. It is impossible to buy immature fruit for this purpose at all: at their structure there is insoluble starch - it intestines is not digested and therefore can cause accumulation of gases and emergence of meteorizm.

банановая диета Before the use it is necessary to clear carefully fruits of peel, having cleaned at the same time all white threads, - at the exit there has to be only one pulp. Also it is strictly forbidden to replace fresh bananas dried: in dried bananas of calories of times in five it is more, than in fresh.

The called "fruit" bananas – yellow, thin-skinned and average length will be suitable for weight loss only this way. And here "vegetable" bananas – green, long and with thick peel – for diet not the best choice: they are eaten in general only in the prepared look – fried or marinated.

Options of banana diet

The banana diet has several options: it can be only banana and mixed banana and milk. Besides, there are kinds of more sparing and more strict banana diets.

The banana sparing diet

This simple diet is expected 3-7 days depending on the number of kilograms for which it is necessary to grow thin. Per day about 1 kilogram is usually lost.

During the day it is possible to eat 1,5 kg of the bananas peeled of peel - ideally for six receptions. Water and tea without sugar (it is desirable green) is allowed to be used in unlimited number. The last meal – in 3 hours prior to dream.

Consuming thus 1300 calories a day (this number of calories is considered sufficient for maintenance of normal life activity of human body), it is possible to get rid of extra kilos, without feeling any discomfort. The banana diet for 3 days will relieve of 3-3,5 extra kilos.

If the diet lasts more than three days, for the fourth and next days it is allowed to include in diet one-two boiled eggs or 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese: bananas contain not enough protein, organism, necessary for normal work.

Banana strict diet

It is not recommended to adhere to such strict banana diet longer than 3 days. In three days 4-5 kilograms of excess weight usually leave.

During the day (at any time) it is allowed to eat 4 bananas. No other products can be eaten. It is allowed to drink only water – usual or mineral without gases.

The banana and milk sparing diet

It is possible to adhere to this option of banana diet till 10 days. Per day about 700 grams are lost.

The day menu includes 4 bananas and 1 liter of skim milk. Milk replacement with kefir or drinking yogurt (yogurt no more than 500 grams) in case of intolerance or allergy to milk is allowed.

Such banana diet for 7 days will help to grow thin for 4-4,5 kilograms.

Banana and milk strict diet

The banana and milk strict diet is expected on 3, at most – 5 days.

3 bananas of the average size and 3 glasses of the milk (fat-free) enter daily diet. In this case milk replacement with low-fat kefir or yogurt is also admissible. It is necessary to divide products into several receptions (at least three-four). Water and green tea without sugar can be drunk in any quantity. The last meal – not later than 18:00.

Bananas and milk are allowed to be used both separately, and together – having made by means of the mixer or the blender cocktail from 1 banana and 1 glass of milk. It is also possible to freeze portion of cocktail and to use it in the form of ice cream.

Banana diet for gourmets

This unusual diet is intended for those who like to experiment and try unusually prepared products. The optimum term of weight loss – 10 days. Per day it is possible to say goodbye to 500-600 grams of excess weight.

In day it is possible to eat three any bananas dishes (recipes are given below) respectively for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is necessary to have supper no later than 19:00. Naturally, green or black tea and water - in any quantities, is allowed also one cup of coffee without sugar in day.

Recipes for banana diet

Banana in egg sauce

банан в яичном соусе

It is required: 1 banana, 1 egg, 1 tsp of milk, lemon juice.

Preparation: banana to clean, lay in form and to sprinkle lemon juice, to bake in the microwave oven within 2 minutes (for 100% of power), to sauce from the shaken-up egg with milk and to bake until sauce thickens.

Banana and cauliflower salad

салат из банана и цветной капусты

It is required: 1 banana, 200 g of cauliflower, juice of lemon, 1 tbsp of raisin, salt.

Preparation: carefully washed up cauliflower to chop, mix with the bananas cut by circles, to add the raisin which is steamed out in hot water, to salt to taste, to fill with lemon juice.

Fruit salad

фруктовый салат

It is required: 1 banana, 1 apple, 100 g of the fat-free yogurt, 1 tsp of honey, 0,5 tsps of cinnamon.

Preparation: to cut banana and apple cubes, to add yogurt, to mix carefully, to water from above with honey and to strew with cinnamon.

Bananas puree and apricots

пюре из бананов и абрикосов

It is required: ½ bananas, 4 apricots.

Preparation: to blanch apricots in the boiling water about 2 minutes, to merge water, apricots to cool and clear of peel, to halve, remove stones, to add banana and to shake up carefully the mixer.

Banana on grill

банан на гриле

It is required: 1 banana, 1 tsp of honey, 3 walnut nuts.

Preparation: to peel banana of peel, to cut lengthways and to grease places of the party of section with honey, to strew from above with the crushed walnuts, to bake in the warmed grill of 5 minutes.

The baked banana

запеченный банан

It is required: 1 banana, 0,5 tsps of butter, 50 g of cheese, 1 tablespoon of rye ground crackers, black ground pepper, salt.

Preparation: on the baking sheet greased with butter spread the banana cut lengthways, strew with mix of grated cheese, crackers, salt and pepper, bake in oven of 20 minutes at temperature of 180 degrees.

Exit from banana diet

The main rule of exit from banana diet, as well as from other monodiets, - it is impossible to eat at once everything and in any quantities at all. Not only that with such work the dumped kilograms can return very quickly back, so also itself can earn disorder of digestive tract. Receiving nearly one bananas for some time, the organism gets used to soft food and therefore it is necessary to enter into the diet other products gradually.

For fixing of results of diet it is recommended within 2-3 weeks for dinner to eat only 1 banana (not later, than in 3 hours prior to dream). Naturally, having dumped hated kilograms, it is necessary to collect the strength and to try to refuse farinaceous food and sweet in general – differently all efforts to say goodbye to excess weight can forever be vain.

Reviews of banana diet

отзывы о банановой диете It is only impossible to call responses and results of weight loss by means of bananas positive. Sometimes there are cases that the lost weight quickly enough returns to initial.

Why it occurs?

The main reason – even small otkhozhdeniye from rules in the course of weight loss and the wrong exit from banana diet. If, for example, in diet it is specified that the last meal has to be surely no later than 3 hours to dream, so it also has to be at this particular time. About the correct exit and its importance it has been already told above.

The banana diet, reviews of which will be enthusiastic, is full compliance with all rules regarding time of reception and daily amount of bananas, and also gradual return to the use of usual products.


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