Ballet diet or what these air creations eat

балетная диета
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Choosing from large number of various diets, the special attention should be paid to so-called ballet diet. Why? Only the person who is absolutely far from the ballet world can ask this question. The one who never never saw ballet performance. It is difficult to provide it. Therefore simply we establish facts of common knowledge. Ballerinas are slender? Are ideal as inhabitants of heaven! At the same time everyone can envy their energy and working capacity. How they try to obtain it? We to you will also open this secret information.

Fact of common knowledge that we are (in physical sense) what we eat. Also for anybody not secret that food has to be balanced. That is the proteins consumed by us, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and microelements have to have certain proper correlations. Here on such ideal balance of all nutrients necessary for the person the ballet diet is also constructed.


Porridge with honey and dried fruits. Presently just to make it. It is easy to find high-quality porridge of production of Germany in supermarkets. It is enough to be filled in with boiled water for 5 minutes, to cover, add the scalded and crushed dried fruits and honey. The breakfast is ready. It is possible to eat also crackling dietary small loaf in the morning, washing down with tea, cocoa or coffee.


First hot dish plus meat or fish and vegetables or fruit salad. It should be noted especially that meat and bread or macaroni, meat and starch-containing substances (potato, bananas, grapes) are excluded at observance of ballet diet. Also ballerinas do not eat anything fried. In consolation to all who were indignant, say, that it is worth trying at least once piece of the dietary meat (veal, turkey, chicken) steamed as no other way of preparation of meat will seem is more tasty. Try!

Afternoon snack

Cottage cheese or cheesecakes can be decorated with berries or fruit. More preferably cottage cheese, but not cheesecakes. We remember harm of fried products? Also quality firm cheeses in small amounts are good. Vegetable stew is possible, for cell from eggplants, stuffed cabbage. The principle is clear? Not to overload organism which prepares for rest.


Here everything is simple - glass of kefir. Maybe for beginners it will seem sad, but if not to eat after 18:00 and before going to bed to drink glass of kefir, then one it will already help to normalize weight. Also yogurt is not excluded, but it has to be the house product prepared with own hand. Unfortunately, quality of ready yogurts leaves much to be desired.

Let's sum up the result, we will define incompatible products and we will allocate desirable in the use.

To all who it is interested and has attentively read this article about ballet diet, it became clear that at its observance the organism receives all necessary substances in ideal proportions. There are no excesses, and there are all necessary components. It would be more correct to call this diet the balanced food. The result is obvious and predictable: healthy organism at ideal proportions of figure. It is worth trying, isn't that so?

Incompatible products are: bread and meat, meat and potatoes, meat and macaroni (it is about macaroni of firm grades which in combination with vegetables is quite admissible in food of ballerinas).

Let's allocate especially the most important. Any products in any combinations should be used in small amounts. Remember that any meal should be stopped when still you hunger lung? The matter is that the organism has property only in 20 minutes to signal about satiety. You represent how many excess products it is possible to manage to eat during this time? And the stretched stomach to us to anything!

Absolutely necessary products are: veal, liver, pomegranate. From vegetables: cabbage, broccoli, carrots (it is obligatory in combination with fats like sour cream or drop of olive oil), fish, fermented milk products of appropriate quality and fruit, except for bananas, grapes and persimmon in large numbers as they contain too much starch.

All what we have now acquainted you with, is the checked years and extraordinary effective diet which application does not exclude big physical activities. If, keeping to this diet to play sports, then results will be embarrassingly magnificent. Try!

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