Eggplants circles in oven with cheese and tomatoes


  • 2 eggplants weighing about 600 grams
  • 4-5 tomatoes weighing about 700 grams
  • 4-5 averages of garlic glove
  • 200 grams of firm cheese
  • vegetable oil for frying
  • 2-3 tablespoons of fresh parsley
  • salt and spices to taste

Way of preparation:

❂ we Cut eggplants circles about 5-6 mm thick. We salt on both sides and we allow to stand. Further we dim baking sheet parchment, we oil it vegetable and we spread our circles. It would be ideal to guess so that at once all circles were located on baking sheet. And if did not leave, then it is possible to cut them in cubes and to cook here such tasty soup. Or to freeze.

❂ Garlic is rasped by means of press or we rub and we fill in with small amount of boiled water which can be added as required. We grease each circle with garlick water.

❂ Firm cheese we rub on small grater though it is possible just to slice it square as on sandwich. But I prefer grater. We stack cheese atop eggplant and we powder with black ground pepper.

❂ And now we start selection tomato. To lots the washed-up tomatoes almost same circles, as eggplants, but are slightly thinner. I think, all have understood what needs to be cut parallel to that place which tomato fastened to bush - has strange explained, but all have to understand me:) We put tomatoes over cheese. We powder with black ground pepper, we salt.

❂ p left baking sheet a little to stand before roasting that eggplants have become impregnated with garlick water, but it is not obligatory. We put baking sheet in the oven warmed to 175-180 degrees for 25 minutes. It is possible to try wooden toothpick: if the peel and eggplants soft, then they are ready. We allow our snack to cool down, and then already we stack on dish, strewing layers with the fresh cut parsley.

Bon appetit!