Water-melon diet

арбузная диета
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Recently people who with pleasure would get rid of extra kilos became much more, than that which are entirely happy with the forms and bends. But how to be if to refuse yum-yum, there is no desire, and from fat is? And so: it is necessary just to choose for himself tasty diet. Yes, yes, tasty, sweet, such that from thought of it slobbers flew.

And now we will reflect what appetizing berry actively spet in August-September? Of course, water-melon.

So there can be water-melon diet will become your rescue in fight against extra kilos?

Let's learn in more detail, than arbuzik it is so useful also what results can be achieved thanks to water-melon abundance.

First of all, it is worth noticing that the water-melon diet for weight loss belongs to monodiets, so, you have to perceive normally consumption of sweet berry in large numbers. There are cases that after the first, in general successful, day of diet there can be unpleasant feelings in stomach, gripes and gripes. You do not joke with organism, cancel diet and look for other ways to ideal body.

But if you are quite sure that water-melon diet 100% your pipit, then forward!

The menu of diet rather scanty, but, despite it, it is easily transferred and does not bring discomfort. It is possible to judge it proceeding from the numerous responses which are growing thin and already grown thin on water-melons.

Water-melon diet: option No. 1

арбузная диета

The product only one – water-melon and can be eaten it much, 1 kg of sweet pulp is the share of each 10 kg of your weight. Share all amount of berry into 5-6 receptions and enjoy.

It is impossible to eat anything any more, everything is strict. It is possible to drink only the purified water and green tea, but to you liquid the water-melon will hardly want - it is continuous juice.

Diet duration no more than 5-7 days as restrictions strict and to exhaust organism even if the result did not suit you a little, is not necessary. It is possible to forget about 3-5 kilograms on water-melon diet easily, the main thing to collect will in fist.

Water-melon diet: option No. 2

арбузная диета

Following this option it is possible to keep to diet of 10 days, 1-2 slices of rye bread are added to standard daily rate of arbuzik (grain or from coarse flour). Sense of fulness will not abandon you long time and excellent mood too.

If you want that the lost kilograms have not returned to you as long as possible, then experienced nutritionists advise to observe the correct exit from diet.

It is that for 10-15 days it is necessary to eat vegetables, fruit, different squashes, cereals, fish, fast meat and fermented milk products for breakfast and lunch, and in the evening, approximately in 3-4 hours prior to withdrawal to dream it is necessary to eat water-melon. It is necessary to eat it proceeding from formula of 1 kg of berry on 30 kg of body weight.

The approximate menu at the exit:

For breakfast make some porridge or muesli, and also it is possible to regale on cottage cheese with apple/pear, tea.
During the lunchtime vegetable salad with large number of greens the filled with juice of lemon or olive oil, one egg or hundred-gram piece of meat/fish will be excellent option. Tea, coffee.
For dinner it is possible to be sated water-melon (1 kg on 30 kg of weight), but be not fond, it diuretic, and business goes to dream.

Impressive, many girls and men having tried results of water-melon diet once, return to its help constantly as soon as feel need of disposal of additional weight two-three.

Let's estimate what

Advantages of water-melon diet to weight loss

First of all it short-term, perfectly will be suitable for those who adore water-melons and wish to lose weight before some especially important event.

The water-melon diet is easily transferred, the feeling of hunger will not torment you constantly if you will give preference to the second option of diet.

Efficiency. Here definitely you will not argue, for rather short time there will be decent loss in the weight which will not strike health, and will bring joy a great lot from new reflection in mirror.

Water-melons excellent assistants in cleaning of organism, in parallel diet you will have opportunity to bring stagnant water, salts and slags out of organism, to normalize metabolism and to put skin in order.

There are no shortcomings per se, but the main thing not to experiment with water-melon diet if you have sore kidneys or there are problems with urinogenital system. All because clarification will give also big load of these bodies and it is possible to get to bolnichka. Also diabetics should refuse water-melon diet, the gourmand contains large amount of digestible carbohydrates.

There can be small weakness and condition of fast languor, this normal phenomenon on all monodiets which is passed over time.

Extremely it is not recommended to adhere to diet as soon as berries of water-melon appear on counters of shops and the markets, in that case results of water-melon diet can be deplorable: the amount of nitrates and other harmful additives will strike not kilograms, and your state of health. It is better to refrain and lean on water-melons closer by August.

You want to be confident in quality of the eaten water-melon?

Then carry out the small test which easily will help you to define quality of berry. For this purpose take small piece of delicacy and dip it into glass of water, wait 10-15 minutes and have a look at result: if the segment has not blurred in the thickness of water and has kept form – you have chosen qualitative water-melon which can be eaten safely. Otherwise be ready that over time there can be nausea and headaches which "walk arm-in-arm with nitrates".

You were interested in water-melon diet? The comments on her which were not less intriguing, and all because there is a lot of supporters of sweet water-melon and all who feel like it try to combine business with pleasure such diet.

Several interesting facts about water-melon

As about the most important weapon against extra kilos:

1. First of all the water-melon is well of vitamins and minerals, in small amount (150-300 gr.) delicacies it is possible to find standard daily rate of magnesium. It is important to note it that who has arterial hypertension. And to people with cardiovascular diseases the water-melon diet and water-melon in general can help to remove excess cholesterol. So advantage of diet not only in the lost weight, but also in normalization of health. арбузная диета

2. The water-melon is low-calorie, than it is pleasant to many people who aim to support the weight normal. Also berry is rich with folic acid which normalizes exchange of fats.

3. You suffer from anemia? Forget about it and make friends with water-melons. They are capable to give you a great lot of organic iron, such necessary not only to sick, but also healthy people. Such iron is perfectly acquired, and according to contents its water-melon does not concede to spinach and lettuce leaves.

4. If you have decided on water-melon diet you can be sure that the day norm of vitamin C will be received by you without problems. In 3-4 of its segments it is already enough vitamin, and you will receive it even more. And who has told that monodiets not vitamin?

Here such here it, water-melon diet. Eventually you will be able also to leave comments on her at different forums, will be what to brag and to share with adherents.

And now forward to stock up with water-melons and to fight against extra kilos! Good luck!


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