ANGLIYSKAP DIETA for 21 days with councils and responses

английская диета

The English diet will add health to your organism. Weight will be lost quickly enough, and the organism will thank you for the fact that have given all necessary for its correct functioning. You will look as fine duchess pear.

The English diet for men and women

Without knowing about the English diet yet, traveling around Internet open spaces, you have repeatedly come across the most various diets, weight loss methods which promise fabulous loss of excess weight and fine forms, and quietly rejoiced, understanding that you do not need it. But eventually any person, even with fine metabolism begins to notice changes in weight and often not to the best.

Panic begins with that moment when favourite jeans cause irritation because it is impossible to get into them, the feeling of doom begins to eat and the mood slips to zero mark. What to do? Of course, to review the diet and to go on some effective diet which is not simple for choosing.

Modern nutritionists have invented such mass of diets what to consider them would be the real problem. People say goodbye to excess weight thanks to vegetables and fruit, others like to eat porridges, and some manage competently to regale on chocolate and to thaw, taking appetizing shape. The English diet which is pleasant to many women is offered to your attention and what to hide – men address it too, not all are ideal.

The principle of diet is simple:

all the time, and it is 21 days, proteinaceous and vegetable days will alternate

But before beginning, it is worth giving impetus to excess weight and shake-up to organism observance of the 2 "hungry days". You should not be frightened, to eat it will be possible, but food will be rather unloading, than full dietary.

For achievement of the maximum result it is worth following several rules:

- for all day surely it is worth drinking couple of liters of the purified water;

- hide far away salt, the main bias becomes on spice and spice now (it is natural without salt);

- it is forbidden to fry something. Prepare for yourself in double boiler, on grill or you extinguish products on water with addition of chutochka of vegetable oil. Greasy food also has to be completely excluded;

- it is possible to eat not later than at 19:00;

- for improvement of digestion it is worth drinking before going to bed tablespoon of olive (linen) oil. Fats will not be laid for waists, and there will be a lot of advantage of such course.

It is worth excluding completely flour products, sweet, sugar, alcohol (small amount of dry wine is admissible), nicotine, coffee and black tea (prefer green or grassy).

английская диета

The English diet will be interesting also legkoperenosima to those who occasionally except vegetables wants nothing, and sometimes it is difficult to pass by piece of meat or fish, desire to eat it above all. The diet is perfectly transferred and does not cause moral hunger as the majority of monodiets, nevertheless extra kilos leave easily, rather quickly (depends on features of organism) and for a long time. At least because of the last it is worth trying it, to lose half-trouble weight, the whole problem is normal to keep it long time.

It should be taken into account also that the English diet – 21 days of cheredovanny food which happens in certain time. If your schedule does not suit the specified hours, correct it as it is convenient to you, but the deviation from the specified time should not exceed 1 hour.

Stage No. 1 - unloading

So, the first two days there is unloading - it is the first stage. These days you will have milk and grain food allowance.

Breakfast – glass of skim milk and piece of the dried rye bread;
At 12:00 again glass of skim milk;
3 hours later again glass of skim milk and slice of rye bread;
19:00 – glass of skim milk.
Before going to bed, if the feeling of hunger haunts it is possible to drink glass of tomato juice.

Stage No. 2 - proteinaceous

For breakfast drink coffee with milk (not fat) and small sandwich from piece of rye bread, half of tsp of spoon of butter and half of tbsp of honey.
At 12:00 drink 200 ml. meat or fish broth, eat 200 gr. meat of chicken or low-fat fish, couple of spoons of green tinned peas and slice of bread;
At 15:00 drink milk/tea cup with 1 tsp of honey;
The last meal can be chosen independently from such variety: 2 eggs / 50 gr. meat (fish) / chunk ham / glass of kefir with piece of rye bread.

Stage No. 3 – vegetable

Have breakfast in couple of oranges or apples
At 12:00 eat plate of vegetable soup (potatoes exclude) with addition of tablespoon of vegetable (olive) oil or vegetable stew on small amount of oil and piece of the rye dried bread.
At 15:00 it is possible to eat fruit, but except for bananas
4 hours later – vegetable salad (250 gr.), glass of green tea with 1 tsp of honey.

Proteinaceous and vegetable days can be alternated somehow: day every other day, 2/2, everything depends on your preferences and wishes in daily diet on allocated for diet every day.

To fix weight it is worth leaving diet correctly. It is worth making "hungry" last 21st afternoon and with full confidence to pass to diet, usual for you, but to do portions small, it is better to eat five times a day, but small parts, drobleno.

Second option of the English diet

Exists as well the second option of the English diet which is expected to help to solve problem with excess weight that who does not like to have breakfast densely and here in the evening and pulls to gorge on from paunch. If you belong to this category, then such diet what will be ideally suited for you. Duration – 21 day, loss of weight within 10 kilograms. Variety of diet will please much, what to eat for breakfast, you have the right to solve the second breakfast (lunch) and dinner.

The breakfast – consists approximately of 200 calories

Option No. 1: boiled egg or the pancake from it which is fried thoroughly on teflon frying pan without addition of oil, a little rye dried bread, 100 ml. freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juice.
Option No. 2: 70 gr. the porridge made on not fat milk (200 ml.) with small amount of raisin + 100 ml. fruit natural juice (in are packaged a lot of sugar prohibited on diet contains).
Option No. 3:
Make porridge from 2 tablespoons of whole grains on skim milk, have a snack all on green apple.
Option No. 4: from various fruit make salad and fill it with kefir or unsweetened yogurt + 150 ml. milks/kefirs/curdled milks.

The second breakfast (lunch) – is expected 300 calories

Option No. 1: one potatoes baked in peel (it contains a lot of cellulose and vitamins), cottage cheese saucer (5% fat content) with small cut fruit or pieces of dried fruits are wetted in boiled water, vegetables salad with 1 tsp of olive oil, one fruit at choice – orange/pear or apple.
Option No. 2: 150 ml. vegetable vegetarian broth, 25 gr. sheep cheese or the Adygei cheese, small 50-tigrammovy roll from whole cereals, pear or apple.
Option No. 3: pack ice of pieces of slightly dried rye or whole-grain bread, 50 gr. haricot or beans baked in oven, 100 gr. favourite fruit (the allsorts are possible).
Option No. 4: it is possible to prepare the most tasty omelet on teflon frying pan from couple of eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, pomidorok, and low-fat cheese, everything plentifully to strew with greens + 1 green apple.

Dinner – with a density of 500 calories

Option No. 1: to prepare hot dish from haricot or bean + 150 gr. fruit at choice.
Option No. 2: soup on milk from vegetables, 25 gr. sheep cheese or the Adygei cheese, the small 50-tigrammovy dried roll from whole grain and cereals, several pieces of apricots.
Option No. 3: one big potatoes baked in peel, 65 gr. tinned haricot or beans, kapustka and carrots, to steam of glasses (if you master) kefir with addition of melkorubleny apricots (dried apricots).

The list of products which are admissible during the English diet:

- from FRUIT on the second option of diet it is possible to afford green apples which are desirable for eating together with thin skin, kiwi, oranges, bananas, lemons, pineapples and grapes;
- the preference should be given to such VEGETABLES as potatoes (it is exclusive in peel), eggplants, carrots, paprika, pumpkin, green beans, beet, onions, celery, garlic and asparagus;
Among PRPNOSTEY first of all It should be noted black ground pepper, cinnamon, and also cardamom, it is fine to use any greens (fresh or dried), and among herbs mint, basil and thyme is favourites;
It is possible to eat such GRAIN: the brown not processed rice, buckwheat and gerkulesovy porridges;
NUTS it is possible different, but it is better to stop on walnut, cedar and filbert.

As the English diet to last 21 days, and the amount of useful substances in it is limited, in parallel it is worth spending on drink rate of polyvitamins for maintenance of normal functioning of organism, anyway it will never be superfluous.

What it is possible to note positive sides (pluses) of diet?

The most important is impressive loss of weight which happens with little effort and mockeries at organism, and the achieved result will please the owner of new advanced body long time (the main thing not to break on delicacy in the first days on the termination of diet). The basic – it is accurate to follow all restrictions of diet what option would not be chosen.

The feeling of hunger on the English diet will constantly not remind of itself, diet balanced and various. Especially there is no need to prepare refined dishes and to stand long at plate, there is no need to spend big money for purchase of dietary food.

английская диета There are no minuses thorough, but if you the fan to go to bed a bit earlier, then the vegetables used in the last meal and bean can lie dead load in stomach up to morning. As a result – bad digestion and problems with chair.

You should not repeat diet more often than two times a year as it easily and just to be transferred not by each organism. If weight in the first week stands still, then, most likely you do not suit the English diet. Responses of many growing thin impress, some lucky thanks to this diet lose from 10 to 18 kilograms without harm for health.

But it only theoretically so, in practice the English diet responses has also others: nearly a half of growing thin have noted that weight left very badly, and 10 kilograms were not lowered, but the general health became better, asthma was gone, the metabolism has improved, the mood has increased. So is not necessary in time to place emphasis on loss of weight, the state of health has, far bigger value, than treasured figures on scales.

Aim at perfection, do not give up, set before yourself the real purposes and gradually reach them!