Pineapple: advantage for the bourgeois!

ананас для буржуя
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Thanks to Mayakovsky, behind pineapple the title of "bourgeois" fruit was strongly approved! To tell the truth – it looks exotically even for exotic fruit! However pineapple not only beautiful and tasty fruit – it also very useful. And it is unimportant, you eat it fresh or dried: and in that, and in this case its advantage is indisputable!

For whom it is useful?

Most of all pineapple is useful to those who suffer from the increased viscosity of blood. Thick blood is danger of thrombophlebitis! It is not necessary to explain that thrombophlebitis – quite dangerous disease which can lead even to lethal outcome it and so is known to all. And so – pineapple contains substances which liquefy blood a little, reduce its viscosity. Therefore – eat on health!

Those who suffers from indigestion because of the lowered acidity of gastric juice need also to include shaggy fruit in the diet. Sweet pineapple contains very many fruit acids which increase activity of gastric juice. As a result – your stomach begins to work as watch, weight, nausea and feeling of overpopulation vanishes!

If you have elevated pressure – eat pineapple dolechka, it will a little decrease.

Besides, pineapple is useful to those who suffer from the excess weight and hypostases. Enzymes of this nice fruit promote removal of excessive liquid from organism – so, to weight reduction and elimination of puffiness! It is known that excess liquid in organism often is result of diseases of cardiovascular system. Therefore pineapple allows to lower loading – and at the same time and your weight!

Weight loss from the esthetic point of view can be also provoked by pineapples! Several years ago all only was also said that about wonderful preparation of Bromelayne which helps to lose weight. Bromeliya is just and there is pineapple. So eat also to stroyneyta!

Pineapple, by the way, is rich with vitamin C not less, than citruses. Therefore for prevention of cold it is possible to eat pineapples if oranges are not pleasant to you or have bothered. Besides – be treated on health!

Besides, fresh pineapples contain set of the vitamins and microelements promoting strengthening of hair. To strengthen hair from within, eat fresh pineapples, and you can rinse with infusion of skins and leaves hair for gloss.

Fresh segments of pineapple will be pleasant to owners of fat skin as cosmetic – they reduce sebaceous secretion, and still in addition bleach freckles!

If you have callosities on hands or legs, apply to them on half-hour piece of fresh pineapple – rough skin will soften, and it can be removed easily!

To whom it is harmful?

The cunning mother nature for any medicine has established side effects and contraindications.

For pineapple these contraindications are the increased acidity and brittle teeth – the high content of acid in this cheerful fruit can lead to very sad effects, such as exacerbation of gastritis (if you have increased acidity of gastric juice), the opened bleeding at ulcer of digestive organs, exacerbation of chronic stomatitis.

If you know about these diseases firsthand, with care treat exotic delicacy! The advantage should not be to the detriment!