American diet

американская диета
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The American diet - one of the most known systems for weight loss in the world. Occasionally this diet call Hollywood as many Hollywood stars apply it with great success.

It is easy to explain popularity of the American diets. These are available to understanding and simple power supply systems in use which, however, at the seeming simplicity put before you ambitious, but quite real purposes.

Any American diet for weight loss always considers our small weaknesses and has any system for compensation of sufferings. For example, eat that you want, but only to five o'clock in the evening. Exclude sugar and farinaceous food, but you can fill to yourself huge portions and so on. Besides, there is opportunity to pick up both constant diet, and expected certain number of days.

There are two options of the American diet - "roller coaster" and "diet of the American stars".

Diet "roller coaster"

Roller coaster - diet by the principle of change of number of the consumed calories.

This theory is based that at any diet the organism remembers the number of the "eaten" calories, thus after adaptation of organism there is economy of calories then dumping of weight stops. Moreover, he is promptly taken after end of diet. However, if to change the number of calories, then the metabolism will not be slowed down and process of weight loss will continue.

The power supply system "roller coaster" lasts 3 weeks. It is desirable to exclude greasy food from diet.

  • The first 3 days - about 600 kcal a day are allowed to use
  • 4,5,6,7 day - 900 kcal
  • 2 week - 1200 kcal
  • 3 week - similar to the first - 600 and 900 kcal

The diet roller coaster in combination with sports activities will provide minus of 6-7 kg in 3 weeks. If to be engaged in aerobics and power loading - 8-9 kg in 7 days.

Menu of diet

Quite variously: vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, bird, cereals and grain, the fat-free dairy products. Fans of coffee will not suffer from prohibition on favourite drink, on the contrary - not only it is authorized to coffee, but also is welcomed. Actually, the morning meal also consists of cup of coffee with milk which can be added with orange or unsweetened apple.

The lunch has to consist of proteinaceous and vegetable parts surely. Ideally fresh vegetables salads (but without oil or mayonnaise), the baked chicken breast, roast fast veal, cottage cheese and boiled rice will conform to requirements. Fish in any kind, except smoked and salty, is recommended too. The dinner has approximately the same structure of products, but portions a little smaller.

As you see, the American diet does not impose any inconceivable taboos on the most tasty food which usually and turn process of weight reduction into the real torture. On the contrary, losing extra kilos, you will daily please yourself with tasty and healthy food which not only will help you to grow thin, but also will provide organism with vitamins and microelements.

Basic principles of diet "roller coaster"

Numerous reviews of diet roller coaster testify to its efficiency. However you will be able to achieve positive results, only adhering to the following principles:

  • Refusal of so-called "unhealthy" fats;
  • Supply of organism with large amount of liquid;
  • The purposeful choice of the combined products;
  • Providing organism with microelements, in particular vitamins B enough;
  • It is possible to have breakfast any products - it is necessary to consider desires of organism.

The American diet does not provide especially any bans. Farinaceous food, sweet, alcoholic beverages - all this the American diet does not forbid to use. But it must be kept in mind that she does not assume fast result. To get rid of extra kilos in three days will not leave. Only by the end of the second week you will see result.

Diet of the American stars

It is considered that this technique of weight loss is actively used by the American actors and stars of podium.

Breakfast (for all days)

Coffee with sugar spoon (it is possible to add low-fat milk to drink), and also toast, boiled egg and apple.


Lunch: 60 g of the granular cottage cheese mixed with crude egg yolk and also thin slice of bread, a little redisok and skim milk (it is in addition possible to eat apple)

Dinner: fried eggs from 1-2 eggs, green vegetables (cucumbers, paprika, onions and so forth), tomatoes and apple


Lunch: 100 g of boiled chicken, 150 g of cabbage salad, unsweetened tea and toast

Dinner: 60 g of granular cottage cheese with greens, a little redisok, thin slice of black bread, 100 ml of skim milk and apple


Lunch: 100 g of vegetable salad, 25 g of the dried black bread, soft-boiled egg, 40 g of fast ham and 175 ml of natural yogurt

Dinner: the eggs hard-boiled, tomatoes, toast, apple and 175 ml of natural yogurt


Lunch: 90 g of boiled fillet of fish, 150 g of sheet salad, toast from black bread, and also coffee or tea

Dinner: 120 g of boiled meat with grated horse-radish, and also green sheet salad, cup of skim milk and apple


Lunch: 120 g of boiled fillet of fish, 100 g of celery with lemon juice, and also tea or coffee

Dinner: salad from 90 g of boiled meat and one boiled yolk, and also cup of skim milk and apple


Lunch: 150 g of chicken in boiled look, 100 g of brown rice, sheet salad, half-cups of skim milk and apple

Dinner: the eggs hard-boiled, tomatoes, toast, apple and 175 ml of natural yogurt


Lunch: 200 g of spinach, 100 g of liver of calf, 100 g of potatoes in uniform and coffee cup

Dinner: 100 g of salad from cabbage, tomatoes and carrots, toast, egg, apple and 50 g of fast ham

Recommendations of the nutritionist

To use nothing after 17 hours, except liquid.

It is necessary to drink much, but not only in the evening, but also throughout the day. Enough liquid promotes clarification of organism from slags and to the fastest conclusion of toxins.

You remember fats. If you have eaten excess piece of sausage, then do not forget "to have a snack" then on couple of slices of pineapple or 2-3 segments of grapefruit.

Do not forget about that food which needs to be used throughout the day and all week.

During diet it is recommended to accept polyvitamins in addition.