Water aerobics for weight loss

аквааэробика для похудения
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Water aerobics for weight loss is also the aerobics, just in water in what its main advantage consists. As in water our bodies are actually not visible, and we can be engaged "completely without complexes", without hesitating of own body. Water considerably reduces body weight, and it will even be much easier for you, but as gives resistance to be engaged, water aerobics for weight loss is not less productive.

Water aerobics is really effective remedy for today for all who want to restore health, to improve health, and, above all - to grow thin.

This type of physical activity is useful also that it can clean productively and quickly enough cellulitis thanks to effect of hydromassage.

Water aerobics gradually gives to the weakened muscles elasticity, and also does figure more tightened that, undoubtedly, favorably influences appearance.

Advantage of water aerobics for health

Except efficiency of water aerobics for weight loss in fight against excess weight number of positive influences on the general state and health of the person has this appearance of intensive fitness:

By means of active movements in the thickness of water lymphatic drainage massage which prevents development of venous insufficiency is carried out, doing vessels and capillaries more elastic and strong, promotes elimination of developments of stagnation, normalizes arterial pressure and is invaluable the effect in fight against cellulitis, including against its steady forms.

Trainings in water improve blood supply of brain and tone up nervous system in general, doing the person more efficient and stress-resistant.

From occupation to occupation the organism becomes not only more harmonous, but also more tempered, so both steadier against infectious and catarrhal diseases.

It is possible to call water aerobics safely "the liquid exercise machine", it promotes weight loss and strengthening of all groups of muscles, even that which you will never be able to train in the hall. To carry out exercises in water - continuous pleasure, but once you leave water, your muscles in full size will feel all just done work.

Water aerobics set of exercises

Exercise "Walking on site"

Exercises in water. It includes walking on one place. However, it is possible also and to run about. In this case hips rise if it is not high, then are as much as possible bent in shin that helps to give comfortable loading. During its performance, do not forget to move hands, as at run or walking.

Exercise "Jumpings up"

Moving to the right or to the left, back or forward, do jumpings up. Consider that in water it is possible to slip. Be attentive.

Exercise "Jumps standing"

At first jump on any one leg, then on another, and in completion of exercise - at the same time on both. Kind of this exercise is the jump when legs are connected together on time, and on two - they separately. During jump it is necessary to throw out hands up, doing by them the vigorous movements.

Jumps on one leg

Exercise on performance is similar on previous, but difference is that this time you serially jump on each leg. Execute - 15 jumps.

Raising of legs

Put hands "on water" and serially as it is possible above, raise before yourself the straightened legs. Execute 12 rises.

Body tilts

Make inclinations in different directions: forward, back, to the left, to the right. Repeat till 8-10 inclinations.

Running on the spot

Carry out jog on site for 4 minutes.


Execute till 12-15 "attacks" serially each leg.

In completion of occupation by water aerobics for weight loss it is necessary to level breath for what make 4 deep breaths exhalations. Then leave water.

Water aerobics complex on press, hips and buttocks

Exercise 1:

  • come up to neck into water
  • carry out high jumps
  • this exercise on hips, buttocks and press will be improved by turns in the different party

Exercise 2:

  • become in water on belt
  • quickly press knees to breast
  • slowly lower on bottom
  • for increase in loading at water aerobics for weight loss it is recommended to part hands in the parties

Exercise 3:

  • raise leg to waist level
  • carry out roundabouts
  • exercise should be done by both legs in different directions: ahead, behind, in the parties

For stomach and press

There is large number of exercises for stomach and press in water. In our article we will tell about the most effective which will help to pump up this part of body. They are especially useful to those who have problems with back, weak muscles of stomach, and also to women who have given birth to the baby recently.

аквааэробика Be developed by back to the pool, undertake hands side and be tightened by the legs cramped together to breast, then in turn to the right side and to left. On each party it is necessary to make 10 repetitions.

аквааэробика We continue to hold side of the pool and we begin to imitate driving the bicycle. At first you twist pedals from yourself then on yourself. Quantity of vypolneniye - 15 times.

аквааэробика The following exercises will help to pump up oblique muscles of stomach and to get rid of the hanging-down sides. Sit down on chair, you hold back exactly, put knees directly and, having relaxed shoulders, begin to carry out serially turns in left, then in the right. Make 20 turns in each party.

Frequency of occupations by water aerobics for weight loss

If the main objective is moderate correction of figure, the all-strengthening effect and maintenance of muscles in tone, then there will be enough two-three visits of the pool a week.

If it is necessary to leave the considerable volume of fatty deposits, it is necessary to carry out water aerobics complex for weight loss not less than four weekly on condition of observance of the balanced diet.

The first results will become noticeable approximately three months later since the beginning of occupations.

Contraindications to occupations by water aerobics

- cystitis;

- catarrhal or viral diseases;

- genital infections;

- serious heart troubles (it is possible only after consultation with the doctor);

- spasms;

- weak vestibular mechanism;

- asthma.

Councils and recommendations for beginners

For occupations by water aerobics you will need special equipment: conjoint bathing suit, rubber hat, water points and special footwear.

Stability and regularity - the main sign of success. Be engaged systematically - for 30-45 minutes at least 3-4 weekly.

Observe time interval between akva-training and meal (ideal interval - one and a half-two hours). To be engaged on hungry stomach more comfortably, and more usefully.

Surely begin occupation with warm-up - jump in the pool, you will be run with serial lifting of legs, make several moves hands.

During performance of exercises pull in stomach and you hold back directly.

Finish training with extension.

Increase intensity of water trainings gradually. Increase loadings by use of such special akva-accessories and burdenings as gloves, dumbbells, bars, balls.

Before to start training, take cool shower. You come into water gradually - sharp temperature contrast can provoke cardiac pains, dizzinesses and spasms.

Devices for occupations

During occupations extras, such as dumbbells or balls for weighting and increase in loading can be used. For those who are not able to swim the special belt for occupations in water which holds the head over water surface and allows to carry out exercises quietly will come to the rescue.

Councils for carrying out trainings in water

The number of the spent calories depends on depth at which training is carried out.

For weight loss it is better to be engaged at water temperature not higher than 25 degrees. In the pool with water temperature to 30 degrees are engaged at backbone diseases when it is not recommended to overcool, when performing complex on flexibility development.

The small bottle with water needs to be held near itself. During occupations in the pool there is release of sweat, as well as at other types of aerobics.

It is more convenient to be engaged in the closed bathing suit.

If it is necessary to be engaged in the outdoor pool, it is necessary to put on cap.

What is usually told about water aerobics

Natalya, 29, Moscow:

I am engaged in water aerobics 8 years. Probably, also you will not think up the best training for female body. And two of my friends with me visit now trainings. Though earlier over me played a trick - pier, it not occupations, but pleasant pastime. But when with me descended, at once have understood that not so it and simply - to carry out exercises, overcoming water resistance. Did not leave also occupation and during pregnancy, and felt just remarkably, Weight leaves without diets and it is possible to indulge himself tasty.

Barbarian, 34 years, Tomsk:

Began to attend classes in water aerobics recently, about three months ago. Also I want to tell that it is suitable for weight loss as well as possible. In addition to good effect (I have grown thin for 4 kilograms), it is possible to receive from such trainings also the mass of positive emotions and any diets.

Judging by responses, water aerobics for weight loss really helps to achieve desirable result. Huge plus of this method is the psychological comfort for different participants. Can be engaged in water aerobics as slightly grown plump ladies, and people with considerable exceeding of weight.

Absence of moral discomfort affects productivity of process - there is a wish to continue studies and to receive only positive emotions.

As responses testify, for weight loss more than 8% of very full Europeans and about 15% of corpulent Americans are engaged in water aerobics. The average weight of these people fluctuated within 100-120 kg, and only by means of water aerobics everyone managed to grow thin practically.

After half a year of regular trainings loss of weight made 30 and more kilograms without special difficulties and heavy physical activities.