Aphorisms about weight loss

афоризмы о похудении
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Brain cages are born and die off, but fatty cages live forever!

A month ago has gone on diet and now I cannot get up.

After two weeks of diet I have understood that I have lost... fourteen days of life.

The best way to get rid of extra kilos is to leave them on plate.

For preservation of good figure the woman needs only three things: exercise machine, masseur and boyfriend.

Eh, diets! Neither that is impossible, nor it!

There are no fat women, but some women have insufficient growth for their weight.

The entire happiness of the man is possible only near the stout woman.

The rhinoceros very badly sees, but with its weight it is not its problems.

It is noticed that people who do exercises die much less often because it is much less of them. (scientific fact)

There are no stout women - there are only close clothes!

The person is what he eats.

It is necessary to eat to live, but not to live that is.

Do not do of food of cult!

It is better to undereat from time to time, than to overeat constantly. (bu - - Faraj)

Fat men live less. But eat more.

Do not postpone until dinner what you can eat at dinner.

If the woman weighs 100 kilograms, the biggest for her pleasure - to see the woman who weighs 110.

Massage - the best means to grow thin, especially for the massage therapist.

There is nothing heavier, than to become easier.

They say that the laughter promotes weight loss... Help to deride 8 kilograms!

The other day was on the beach. It appears pregnant men much more, than pregnant women!

We, women, gain the weight because the knowledge accumulated over the years, experience and wisdom do not find room in our head and begin to be distributed on all body.

When the girl says that she soft and fluffy: it is worth reflecting, it can really thick and not shaven!!

At last has understood why I get fat … is shampoo!!! Today has read: "Strengthens and gives volume …" From now on I wash soap for ware on which it is written: "Dissolves fats, even the heaviest!!!"

Chocolate is done of cocoa beans and sugar. Beans are vegetables. Sugar is done of beet. Beet is vegetable. Chocolate means - it is vegetable. And it is useful to eat vegetables!

p carefully I watch the weight and every day I am weighed. If weight appears less yesterday's, I reward myself something tasty. If weight appears more yesterday's, I buy something tasty that to console myself.

Judging by situation on the city beach half of mankind has not coped with task to grow thin by flying.

To mosquitoes of the price would not be if they sucked not blood, and fat was sucked.....

Women go on diet only in three cases: if they were thrown by the husband if they like the man if today Monday.

Diet - education of strong will weak stomach.

p I am not going to starve myself to death to live slightly longer.

Body - baggage which you bear all life. The it is heavier, the travel is shorter.

The best way to lose the weight - how many getting hungry what you hate.

DIET - one more means improving appetite.

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