Apricot diet

абрикосовая диета
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Apricots - good option for unloading monodiet: their sweet taste and large amount of useful nutrients are combined with low caloric content. If you need to dump in 1-3 days 1-4 kg, apricot diet for you.

The apricot diet is useful not only to the people suffering from excess weight but also to the general strengthening of organism. If once a month to put the organism into apricot diet it is possible not only to improve the appearance, but also to increase health. In the winter instead of fresh apricots it is possible to use dried fruit of apricot - dried apricots.

Councils for application of apricots in diet

Right after awakening it is not necessary to lean on apricots. At all their usefulness and excellent taste - for morning they not the best breakfast as the apricots eaten since morning and on an empty stomach can cause indigestion.

Apricots are not combined with meat products, with fish. It is possible these dishes is only in 2-3 hours after reception of one of them.

Apricot juice prepares for diet as follows:

Ripe apricots are carefully washed out, dried by tissue. They need to be cut on two halves and to take out stone. The pulp of apricots "is banished" via the juice extractor.

Juice can be drunk without upholding at once.

The dried apricots if it is applied in diet, should be washed out carefully water, then to fill in with it dried fruits and to leave to be drawn half an hour. Then the dried apricots can be used.

Apricots before the use should be washed out, cast away well on colander and to allow to flow down from them to water.

Menu of apricot diet

Diet for three days

To use apricots for weight loss, it is possible to use special diet. Its duration should not exceed three days. The result will be swept up in the first day. On the termination of diet it is possible to dump 2-3 kilograms of weight.

The recipe for preparation of its main course is very simple. 500 grams of fresh apricots and 300 grams of dried apricots will be required. It is necessary to squeeze out juice of fresh fruits, and dried fruits to cut and crush in the blender.

Having combined together the prepared masses, we will receive something similar to cream soup which needs to be eaten in one day in stages. Store juice does not suit for diet as it does not contain those properties and vitamins which are in fresh fruits.

For the second and third day we cook the same soup in the same proportions. It is possible to drink any natural drinks, herbal teas and mineral water. The main thing to observe correctness of the use of drinks - before food or in hour after food.

During diet it is not forbidden to eat also other useful products. But from responses of people which apply apricot fasting days it is known that in type of sytnost of such diet, do not eat much.

One more diet calculated on 3 days

To divide 1 kilogram of fresh apricots into 5-6 meals and to use during the day. It is also necessary to cook compote from dried apricots (1 glass of dried apricots on 3 liters of water, not to add sugar) and to drink during the day. The apricot monodiet should be carried out not more often than 1 time in 2-3 months.

Apricot diet with dairy products

The apricot diet with dairy products if to trust comments on her, yields absolutely not the worst result. However, it lasts slightly longer, namely the whole week. All week you should eat as follows:

Breakfast: 200 g of apricots, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese (1-5%).

Second breakfast: 100-200 g Greek (6%) yogurt without fillers, 1 teaspoon of bran, 2-3 berries of dried apricots (dried apricot).

Lunch: any vegetables olive oil salad, but without salt. 200 g of apricots.

Having a snack: cocktail from 200 ml of kefir or low-fat fermented baked milk and 300 g of soft ripe apricots.

Dinner: 200 g of cottage cheese, 2-3 soft ripe apricots crushed in mashed potatoes.

Sometimes say that on this diet 2-3 teaspoons of sorbite or fructose are in addition possible. However if apricots sweet, it is hardly required to you.

Apricot fasting day

It is very useful to arrange apricot fasting day for organism of times in 2 weeks. For this purpose it is necessary to take one and a half kilograms apricot and liter of freshly squeezed apricot juice, to divide into 4 parts and to use during the day. It is excellent and will affect work of intestines and will positively be reflected in organism in general.

In what advantage of apricot for weight loss

High content of vitamin C and Retinolum promote not only to process of weight loss, but also strengthening of immune system, increasing at the same time quality of sight and fortress of bones. As one more advantage of apricot it is possible to consider that the structure of its useful components helps to reduce risk of disease of oncology, and all thanks to considerable amount of beta carotene in its structure. Beta carotene is also excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, paralysis and cardiac diseases.

For prevention of cancer apricots should be used to each person, beta carotene which contains in them, it is capable to reduce risk of development of such disease several times. The same element does human body more resistant to adverse conditions of external environment, especially such as the contaminated city air and tobacco smoke.

Also the fact that the regular use of apricots allows to clear organism of slags is remarkable, to normalize work of all digestive tract and kidneys.

The apricot diet can be applied not more often than once a month. It will help you not only to lose extra kilos, but also to clear organism, and also to improve health in general. It is caused by the fact that apricots contain vitamin A and With, and also beta carotene. To the people having hypertensive illness, such diet will be very useful. Contraindications are diabetes and gastritis.

At observance of all recommendations, the apricot diet with guarantee will help you to dump up to 5 kilograms.

How to eat during apricot diet

The diet by means of apricots though is effective, but is rather heavy and therefore not all can cope with it, judge, you should eat all three days only this fruit. From the first day it is necessary to begin with 700 grams a day, and then their quantity decreases.

In principle during this method it is possible to add dietary products, such as:

  • vegetable soups
  • cabbage of broccoli
  • low-fat beef
  • vegetable marrows
but only in absolutely small amounts.

The apricot diet is well combined with herbal tea without sugar, it is also useful to add freshly squeezed juice from apricots to diet, mineral water.

Contraindications to the use of apricots

It is impossible to eat apricots which contain large amount of sucrose, at diabetes.

It is not recommended to use them at hypothyroidism (the lowered function of thyroid gland) and at hepatitis (inflammatory disease of liver). In these cases the provitamin A which is contained in apricots, carotene is not acquired.

Stones of apricot are not intended in order that regaled on them - they contain vegetable glycoside dl-mandelonitrile gentiobioside which in intestines is split, forming the cyanhydric acid which is the strongest fabric poison. Apricot stones can cause the hardest poisoning. For the purpose of medicinal application their day dose should not exceed 20 grams a day.


Throughout diet which without harm for health can from 2-3 to 4-5 days last, is it is necessary often, but in the small portions. To drink to food or through an hour and a half after meal.

Pay attention: more sparing option of apricot diet allows to include dried apricots which contains a lot of potassium and gland in diet.

абрикосы During diet it is possible to regale on ripe juicy fruit just like that, and it is possible "to subtilize" from them any dishes.

For cleaning of organism, maintenance of health and appearance the apricot diet can be carried out not more often than once a month. That the organism, and that "was not tired" provided that there are no contraindications.

Pay attention: the apricot diet is contraindicated to people with diabetes, impassability of intestines, gastritis. If you doubt, to practice apricot diet or not, consult with the doctor.

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