9 unique recipes of mashed potatoes

1. To boil thoroughly potatoes of 10 minutes in water then to merge, fill in water with the boiling milk and to bring to readiness. To knead in mashed potatoes.

2. To mash potato in mashed potatoes. To mix sour cream with grated cheese and small cut garlic, to fill with this mix potato. Mashed potatoes need to take a little in oven that sour cream has got warm.

3. To mash potato in mashed potatoes, to fill in with the boiling chicken broth (by analogy of the recipe of mashed potatoes to milk), it is good to shake up.

4. To fill mashed potatoes with garlic, istolchenny with greens, fennel seeds, the divorced kindled butter.

5. To shake up 1-2 egg yolks with several spoons of sour cream, to fill with this mix of mashed potatoes. If are not sure of quality of eggs, then do not apply this option of dish. Otherwise you risk to pick up unpleasant, and even dangerous diseases.

6. To add cracklings (vyzharka) with small amount of the melted fat to the mashed potato and to shake up.

7. To grate cheese of firm grades on small grater. Slightly to dilute mashed potatoes with the boiling milk, to add cheese and to mix carefully. The volume of cheese has to make about a quarter of mashed potatoes volume.

8. Potato to knead, add butter piece, to mix with small cut greens (fennel, green onions, parsley) and garlic.

9. To pour handful of pounded nuts into the mashed potatoes divorced milk.

That mashed potatoes have turned out tasty, it is necessary to follow several rules. Potato has to be from those grades which when cooking are loosened, scattered – "starched". If the tuber remains externally without changes though it has cooked, then such potato suits for frying, but soft puree from it will not turn out.

Certainly, potato should be peeled carefully. It concerns not only peel, but also "eyes". The pulp around them badly boils soft therefore you should not spoil the lunch or dinner, it is better to remove these places at once. It is entirely inexpedient to cook potato for mashed potatoes. It should be cut. At the same time pieces have to be approximately identical form and size. It will allow them to cook at the same time. Small too it is not necessary to cut, otherwise you risk to receive useless mashed potatoes. In total its nutritious and useful substances will remain in broth.

Milk has to be only boiling. From cold milk of mashed potatoes becomes gray. Mashed potatoes love that it was long shaken up. When it has homogeneous creamy consistence, it means what can be given on table. And if to uniformity and creaminess it is still far, we work with tolkushka further. It is necessary to serve mashed potatoes only hot. Warmed it loses the remarkable taste.