5 delusions about practice of yoga ☿

1. Yogis have to be vegetarians

Not all yogas accept the concept of akhimsa, adhering to strict vegetarian diet

Akhimsa recommends to us to do everything possible to be merciful to all living beings. Nevertheless not all of us adhere to vegetarianism. But also the akhimsa speaks about neojudgment and not attachment. Be not so strict in the views and do not condemn others for their actions.

2. Yogas are extremely flexible

Many often repeat: I cannot practice yoga, I am not flexible.

Begin with the fact that you are able. Regular practice of yoga, will improve your flexibility, but substantially it is defined by genetics. Accept your abilities, but do not fight that to you it is unavailable.

3. Yogis sit and meditate every day

Meditation can take the different forms. It can sometimes mean exit to walk or even certain sports, such as swimming or snowboard. They can be meditative!

4. All yogas stand on the head

Simple stretching and the correct breath, Shavasana and other poses are also yoga. It is absolutely optional to you to do the advanced and difficult asanas to profit.

5. Yoga only for harmonous

The yoga on the contrary will allow to tighten body, to get rid of addictions and to adjust diet as during practice you will begin to feel the body and refuse what harms you. Yoga not only for harmonous, can be engaged in it all!

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