30 reasons to practice yoga

"It is advisable to gather and try at last this yoga!"

Something similar turns at you in the head not the first year?

The advantages of yoga listed in this article will help you to be solved on active actions!

1. Flexible approach

One of obvious advantages of yoga – flexibility development. Gradually your body will become more obedient, but also, at you, most likely, different painful symptoms will begin to vanish. Rigid femoral muscles can be the cause of excessive load of knee joint because of the wrong ratio of bones of hip and shin. "Circuity" of subnodal sinews conducts to the fact that the natural deflection in lumbar department of backbone becomes flat that serves as the reason of pains in spin. And lack of elasticity in muscles and connecting fabrics guarantees malposture.

2. Strength

The yoga promotes harmonious development of muscles at which they become not only strong, but also elastic. If you just "swing" them, force will increase to the detriment of elasticity.

3. Joint essence

Occupations by yoga are the best warm-up for joints. The articulate cartilage as sponge, absorbs in itself all nutrients necessary for it only in the course of the movement when "old" joint liquid "is squeezed out" of it and instead of it "new" arrives. If the cartilage long remains without loading, it wears out over time and bares adjacent bone. During practice of yoga those zones of cartilage which usually remain uninvolved that promotes prevention of degenerative arthritis and improvement of health when the illness has already developed join.

4. Diet for vertebrae

The intervertebral disks which are carrying out role of shock-absorbers and protecting vertebrae from mechanical damages often hunger. Similar to joints they receive nutrients only when are in the movement. At the balanced practice of asanas with large number of deflections, inclinations and twisting disks are not left without work. And it in turn helps to avoid very painful intervertebral hernias.

5. Direct answer

Occupations by yoga improve bearing, and bonus here not only in more attractive appearance, but also in the best health. The malposture conducts to multiple problems with muscles and joints of back, neck and other parts of body. When you stoop, the body compensates loading at the expense of flattening of natural bends in cervical and lumbar departments of backbone, and it is premises for development in it degenerative processes and pains.

6. Blood call

The yoga forces blood to circulate quicker. Blood circulation (especially in stupnyakh and brushes) can be improved by means of yogichesky relaxation exercises. Besides, occupations promote enrichment of cages oxygen and, therefore, their regenerations. During twisting there is outflow of blue blood from internals, and at exit from pose blood comes to them fresh, rich with oxygen.

The turned asanas stimulate the movement of blue blood from legs and basin to heart which pumps over it in lungs where it is again saturated with oxygen. Thanks to yoga the level of hemoglobin and quantity of the erythrocytes delivering oxygen in fabric also increases. And still practice promotes decrease in viscosity of blood due to reduction of stickiness of platelets and reduction in production of protein of the fibrin making basis of blood clots that significantly reduces risk of development of life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

7. Reliable frame

It is repeatedly proved that exercises with weight strengthen bones and serve as prevention of osteoporosis. When performing many asanas it is necessary to lift the weight of own body. And such poses as the Dog the Muzzle Down and the Dog the Muzzle Up, promote strengthening of bones of hands, very vulnerable for osteoporozny changes. Also according to research of the State Californian university of the practician of yoga helps to increase density of bone tissue of vertebrae due to lowering in the cortisol stress hormone level blood (see point 11) provoking calcium loss.

8. Detoks lymph

Reduction and extension of muscles, "massage" of internals during practice, entrance and exit from asana aktvizirut the movement of lymph. The yoga helps lymphatic system to struggle with infections, to destroy cancer cells and to get rid of toxic products of cellular life activity.

9. Control of pressure

If you have high blood pressure, the yoga is simply necessary for you. Results of researches during which compared impact on Shavasana's hypertensive persons (pose of the Dead person) and usual rest on sofa have been published in the British medical magazine "Lantset". In three months in "Shavasana's group" systolic, or "upper", pressure has on average fallen to 26 units, and diastolic, or "lower", – to 15 units, and the above pressure was initial, the more essentially it has gone down.

10. Warm affairs

When we regularly train heart, forcing it to work in the aerobic mode, the risk of heart attack decreases and there passes the depression. In spite of the fact that not everything in yoga is connected with aerobic loading, at dynamic practice as, for example, in ashtanga-vinyas to yoga, the warm rhythm reaches necessary range. But even those exercises in yoga at which the warm rhythm does not reach so high mark improve cardiovascular function. During researches it has been established that practice of yoga slows down warm rhythm at rest, increases endurance and ability to the maximum consumption of oxygen during exercises – all this is the evidence of increase of aerobic opportunities of organism.

11. Alarming signals

The yoga reduces the level of cortisol which is usually developed by adrenal glands as response of organism to acute stress that temporarily strengthens immune function. If cortisol level does not fall afterwards, the immune system appears it is in danger. Periodic emissions of this hormone improve long-term memory, however its chronically high level not only negatively influences memory, but also can lead to irreversible changes in brain.

Besides, excess cortisol is called among the reasons of persistent depression, osteoporosis (it washes away calcium and other minerals from bones), the raised blood pressure and syndrome of insulin resistance. Experiences on rats have shown that the high level of cortisol provokes the state known in scientific community as "the behavior sent to search for food" (that which forces us to run to the refrigerator when we are upset, angry or we are in condition of stress).

12. Powerful arguments

Move more, you eat less – here the motto of all who want to grow thin. The yoga is useful also with that, and on the other hand. Regular practice forces us to burn calories, and its emotional and spiritual aspects allow to deal with problem of excess weight and overeating at deeper level. Most likely, at you more conscious relation to food will also develop.

13. System approach

The yoga accustoms us to relax, breathe more quietly and to stay in the present moment. It is reached due to decrease of the activity of sympathetic part of the nervous system (responsible for reaction "fight or run") and strengthening of tone of its parasympathetic department. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for recovery of forces and rest, under its influence breath is slowed down, heart rate decreases, the blood pressure decreases, and inflow of blood to intestines and reproductive organs increases. All this together makes "response of relaxation" (the term of doctor Herbert Benson).

14. Seventh feeling

Regular practice of yoga develops proprioception (feeling of own body and the provision of its parts relatively each other), and also feeling of balance and balance. People with the broken proprioception have, as a rule, malposture and bad coordination of movements that involves a number of problems, including with knees and back. Ability to hold balance, saving us from falling, is especially actual for elderly people as it allows them to keep as long as possible capacity and not to depend on people around.

15. Dolce vita

Practice of yoga reduces the level of sugar and LNP ("bad") cholesterol in blood and ("good") cholesterol increases LVP. At research of patients with diabetes it has been established that the yoga in their case works in several ways – due to normalization of level of cortisol and adrenaline, stimulation of loss of weight and increase of susceptibility to insulin. All this promotes decrease in content of sugar in blood that in turn reduces risk of diabetic complications, such as heart attack, failure of kidneys and blindness.

16. Playful hands

You never caught yourself that have seized death grip phone or wheel of the car or, maybe, for you it is peculiar to wrinkle or rub the person, sitting in front of the computer? Similar purely automatic actions conduct to the chronic tension, muscular exhaustion and painful feelings in brushes, hands, shoulders, neck and face that, certainly, only aggravates stress and worsens mood. Practicing yoga, you begin to notice where you accumulate tension. And even if just "to be adjusted" on these zones and to pay them more attention, tension in them will decrease.

17. Stress pill

The yoga can become "opening" from stress of everyday life. The recovering asanas, yoga-nidra (deep relaxation), Shavasana, pranayama and meditation – all this promotes development of pratyakhara, that is frontage in itself that gives rest to nervous system. Also according to researches of the yogi well influences dream thanks to what the feeling of fatigue and weakness decreases.

18. Absolute immunity

It is scientifically confirmed that meditation makes salutary impact on immune system, in case of need or it "urging on" (for example, stimulating production of antibodies at introduction of vaccine), or, on the contrary, suppressing (for example, at the psoriasis and other autoimmune diseases caused by aggression of immunity).

19. Easy breath

Yogis, as a rule, breathe more slowly and more deeply, than other people. Such type of breath is considered the most effective and has the calming effect on organism. Results of research during which patients with the pulmonary problems caused by chronic heart failure applied yogichesky technology of full breath have been published in the Lantset magazine. In month of supervision the respiratory rhythm at them has decreased on average about 13,4 breathes a minute to 7,6. Also improvement of indicators of physical rabotoyosposobnost and saturation of blood by oxygen has been noted. The yoga positively influences also other parameters of pulmonary activity, including the maximum volume of breath and efficiency of exhalation.

20. Control center

Some yogas possess amazing ability to control own body. Many of their unique skills are directly connected with work of nervous system. Scientists inspected yogis who showed real miracles: at svoyoy desire changed warm rhythm, generated certain brain waves and increased temperature of hands. If they have achieved such results, then and you can learn to relax at problems with dream and to strengthen inflow of blood to area of basin when you try to become pregnant.

21. Rules of evacuation

the pzva, syndrome of the angry intestines, lock – all these diseases can become aggravated as a result of stress which is successfully treated by yoga. As physical activity accelerates transit of waste of digestion and life activity on intestines, the yoga, as well as other types of physical exercises, solves problem of locks, theoretically reducing risk of colon cancer. And though it is scientifically not confirmed, yoga experts consider that twisting promotes removal of slags from organism.

22. Happy thoughts

Practice of yoga serves as good depression medicine. It leads to increase in level of serotonin and reduction of level of monoamine oxidase (the enzyme destroying neurotransmitters) and cortisol. The doctor of science Richard Davidson from University of Wisconsin has established that during meditation activity in the left preyofrontalny area of cerebral cortex increases, and it can be connected with feeling of happiness and improvement of function of immune system. At people with wide experience of meditation this activity is expressed stronger.

23. Rest of mind

According to "Yoga-sutram" the yoga eliminates with Patandzhali fluctuations of consciousness. In other words, it releases us from the vicious circles of the regrets, offenses, desires, fears which are constantly disturbing our mind and causing condition of stress. And as the stress is considered as one of the main factors of development of many problems with health (from migraines and sleeplessness to multiple sclerosis, hypertension and eczema), having learned to calm the mind, we increase chances to live long and happy life.

24. Pain – in zero

As have shown researches, the practice of asanas and meditation applied during treatment reduce painful symptoms at arthritis, problems with back, fibromialgiya, syndrome of carpal tunnel and other chronic diseases. When pain abates, the mood is lightened, there is interest in life, the need for drugs decreases.

25. Healthy fuse

The yoga helps to change life. And, perhaps, it is its strongest party. Tapas in translation from Sanskrit means "heat": it is internal fire from which we derive strength and inspiration for development of practice and which inflames stronger thanks to regular trainings. Tapas induces us to overcome inertia in all spheres of life and to develop healthier habits. With little effort you suddenly begin to eat, pay more correctly more attention to physical activity and eventually leave off smoking after many years of fruitless attempts.

26. Life without dose

If your home first-aid kit bursts with drugs, so it is a high time to go to yoga. During researches of patients with asthma, hypertension, diabetes of the second type and obsessivno-compulsive neurosis it has been established that the yoga has helped them to lower dosage of medicines, and in certain cases at all to refuse them.

27. Suppression of anger

The yoga and meditation strengthen condition of sensibleness. The our self-understanding is deeper, the simpler to us to trace and eliminate such destructive emotions as anger from flow of the mind. According to data of science, the chronic anger and hostile spirit in relation to the world are directly connected with heart attacks, and also with the diabetes raised by the level of cholesterol and smoking. The yoga cures of anger, developing in us feeling of compassion and love for the neighbor, calming mind and nervous system. She teaches us not to be involved in the drama of everyday life and not to lose internal balance because of bad news and troubles. In case of need you also quickly will be able to react to the events (and there are proofs that the yoga accelerates reaction speed), however you have excess fraction of a second to make more right decision.

28. Sign from above

Many of us suffer from uncertainty in themselves. We pay for attempts to overcome this problem with "help" of overeating, overtime work and chaotic sex in health: physical, mental and spiritual. The yoga helps us to realize at first at the level of vague guesses, and then accurately and clearly the importance: according to yoga philosophy each of us is manifestation Divine. When regularly you practice for the purpose of self-knowledge, you open in yourself new sides. In you the feeling of love for the neighbor, gratitude and forgiveness is born.

29. To the world world

Perhaps, the love and not panacea from all troubles, but it absolutely precisely has healing force. In particular, it is repeatedly proved that thanks to emotional support of the family people are ill less and quicker recover. Regular practice of yoga develops in us goodwill, compassion and learns to concern to all people as to members of one big family. These qualities and observance of the yogichesky principles of not infliction of harm, truthfulness and moderation in personal needs will help you to improve the relations with people around.

30. Brainstorming

According to researches, regular practice of yoga improves concentration, internal concentration, reaction time, memory and even indicators of IQ. There are certificates that the people who are engaged in transcendental meditation solve problems quicker, acquire better and save information in memory...