25 shot for weight loss

25 кадр для похудения
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25 shot for weight loss are popular technique of psychological action on human subconsciousness. By means of quickly flashing image the specialist who has made video series causes different human reactions - desire or restraining factors, and also motivates to commission of certain action. The essence of the 25th shot is that it is not perceived by consciousness but only our subconsciousness. In case with the 25th shot for weight loss specialists by means of the hidden shot give signals to subconsciousness to suppress appetite, help to change gastronomic taste in favor of products for weight loss and to approach the purpose - to lose weight.

Principle of action of the 25th shot

The phenomenon of the 25th shot has been found at experiments with film projector therefore we will consider the principle of its work. Standard speed of the movement of personnel in the movie - 24 frames per second. At such speed the image is perceived as continuous. At the same time duration of demonstration of shot makes 1/48 seconds, and then empty interval which makes 1/48 seconds too. It turns out that totally half of display of video is made by time when on the screen nothing is projected. The second projector which will project the image when in the main projector there comes the empty interval before emergence of the following shot is necessary for receiving the 25th shot. And brightness of the picture of the 25th shot has to be lower than average, and time of demonstration has to be less than 1/48 seconds. Only then the picture will not be apprehended consciously and, according to the creator of this effect, will mention only subconsciousness. So there is classical option of phenomenon of the 25th shot.

Scientific justification of technique of the 25th shot

Scientists of the whole world confirm tremendous effect of the 25th shot. This incredibly powerful tool, which directionally on subconsciousness. The person is visually capable to perceive only 24 shots in one second, they also are remembered by consciousness. And the 25th shot is not fixed by consciousness, but reliably affects subconsciousness depths, creating it that allows to achieve desirable effect. Ordinary psychology!

In case when the 25th shot is directed to weight loss, in its basis implement certain phrases and symbols which are capable to make necessary changes in subconsciousness.

According to scientists - it does not carry anybody harm for the person and his mentality at all, besides absolutely without serious consequences.

Any supernatural efforts - you just look and grow thin!

In the beginning the 25th shot for weight loss was experimentally used in secret services. After researches it has been revealed that such technique is acquired by the person one thousand times faster, than just work with consciousness. Only 1 session considerably will bring closer you to the purpose - to have beautiful, sound body!

Advantages of the 25th shot

It is possible to rank as advantages of this program that you do not need to exhaust yourself with diets and to refuse food, especially, if because of diet you cannot eat the favourite products. The consciousness during diet itself regulates your appetite.

The diet does not take away your personal time, you go about the own business and during it grow thin. You do not need to spend time and forces for gym.

You can dump so many kilogram how many you would like, can support weight at the certain level.

When using this technique you do not need to spend excess funds for weight loss.

If you want, you can grow thin for certain period of time or forever.

Use duration

It is possible to choose program operating time independently. But developers advise initially to watch video with the 25th shot no more than half an hour in day. Duration of course makes three weeks.

Then it is necessary to be interrupted for week. And for the next three weeks to grow thin in such a way on half an hour per day. It is necessary to repeat the mode three times.

How to use the 25th shot for weight loss

Today the Internet dazzles with offers to download system 25 shot for weight loss. If you have decided to test this technique on yourself - do not hurry to take advantage of the first offer. This system has to be selected the specialist individually as personal system of weight loss "25th shot" increases probability of receiving necessary result.

If you have no opportunity to use services of the specialist - try to acquire the program on the checked website.

Remember that system "25th shot" - training for brain which needs to be seen off regularly.

Approach these occupations with positive spirit and belief in success. Listen to yourself and use reasonable efforts your way of life and habits of food have changed, - then this system will definitely not disappoint you.

Minuses of the 25th shot for weight loss

At some people who are growing thin by this technique eyes strongly are tired of flashing of the computer.

It is very difficult to find the program of 25 cards for weight loss which actually works. As most often it is offered by swindlers, without giving any guarantees.

This way helps to grow thin only at the inspired people.

It is considered that the 25th shot works as "placebo", that is the person grows thin, only because of the fact that he believes that it is influenced by "wonderful method".


At the people suffering from excess weight the following diseases are most often observed: cardiovascular, hypertension, atherosclerosis, disease of the digestive system, diseases of respiratory organs, vessels and.

The Weight Loss 25th Shot program, influences exclusively psychologically, "adjusting" your organism on natural weight loss that promotes treatment of bolshinsv of similar diseases! But after all, if something disturbs you, see first of all doctor, at the same time using the program. By means of technique of the 25th shot many clients have got rid practically of all illnesses accompanying their many years. In total in your hands!!!

And still there is a wish to tell that any technique for weight loss demands work on itself. Beautiful body - sound body. Try to estimate adequately the life, to change some habits, to offer something, look for new ways to grow thin - and at you everything will turn out! As popular wisdom says: he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill.