10 options of different sauces

1. Sour cream (15%) + couple of segments of garlic + the crushed fennel + salt and black pepper.

We mix everything. Of more than 15% it is better not to take sour cream or to part dense sour cream with water (milk) a little. Such sauce perfectly will approach stuffed cabbage, hash browns, vegetable cutlets and baked potatoes.

2. Olive oil (vegetable) + lemon juice + salt + mix of dried Italian herbs (basilicas, oregano, marjoram, thyme). Sauce is suitable for vegetable salads, fish, chicken, meat.

3. Cream + cheese + nutmeg + dried garlic. We warm up cream on frying pan, we add cheese, seasonings and we prepare so far cheese will not melt. We add to paste, rice, it is possible to water potatoes.

4. Onions + greens + favourite spices. We shake up everything in the blender with addition of small amount of water. Will be suitable for pickling of chicken, roasting of potatoes or just to vegetables.

5. Mayonnaise + soy sauce + garlic segment + lemon juice + is a little mustard. It will be tasty with French fries, chicken nuggets. It is also possible to miss the mark unleavened wheat cake and to lay in it tomatoes, cheese, ham, greens stuffing. Still I fill with it chicken, eggplants and tomatoes salad. It will be good also with potato salad.

6. Pine nuts + basil + parmesan + Italian herbs. And it is classical green pesto, very tasty! To fish, meat, toasts and of course to salad whim (slices of mozzarella, tomatoes).

7. Dorblu cheese + cream. We shake up in the blender, we warm up a little and we give to paste.

8. Tomatoes + onions + garlic + pinch of red pepper. We peel tomatoes of thin skin, we crush in the blender together with setion, onions and garlic. We warm up in frying pan and we give to rice, meat, chicken. It will be quite good also with the slices of baked potatoes baked to eggplants and other vegetables.

9. Mayonnaise + is a little ketchup (or tomato paste) + small cut gherkins. Hash browns, fish, fried potato – with them it is tasty.

10. Cottage cheese cheese + greens + ground black pepper. Vegetables, boiled potatoes, the baked fish – the good union for this sauce.

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