Problem of the correct weight loss

Very big problem is excessive weight presently. The person should not be absolutely thin and madly harmonous. But the person has to be in that framework in which he feels easily.

And extra kilos which we carry on ourselves lead to problems with health. It and vessels, it and heart, it and musculoskeletal device, joints.

That is all this from extra kilos. And respectively we have complex. These are nerves, stresses which are not necessary to us at all.

Weight loss is the purpose of large number of people, but only the few achieve specific results.

It seems that all main aspects of healthy and useful food are known, plans are made, grow thin on health, but. But what all - stirs?

Excessive weight

проблема правильного похудения Lack of specific goal is the first reason of failure. Usually we precisely know as it is correct to grow thin, but we do not understand that we as a result want to receive. Or we set such purposes which to reach it is unreal (for example, at mature age to weigh, as the eighteen-year-old girl).

In this case the specialist will come to the rescue, he will be able really to estimate extent of weight loss. To avoid similar undertakings, it is necessary to make the specific plan. Be defined how many kilograms you need to dump and for what period.

Ask yourself the main issue: for what you want to learn as it is correct to grow thin? The result of the correct weight loss depends on the answer to it. It is possible to expect positive outcome only if you do it for yourself. Not because the loved one or the friend, namely you so wants.

One more mistake - weighing. Every day, several times, and the result not really that is also swept up? Already and doubts in effectiveness of the made plan have crept in. It is not necessary to do it! The result becomes visible not at once, patience and once again patience! It is enough to be weighed weekly.

Try to adhere to the mode of healthy nutrition despite everything. Have not got used to have breakfast? Means it is time to change habits! Do not miss meals, do not force organism to starve and "reserve" fatty deposits. You have other purpose. At the same time do not overeat, even the most useful products at the plentiful use lead to increase of weight.

You should not forget also about proteinaceous food, otherwise not will go due to reduction of muscle bulk, but not fatty tissue. Food caloric content in day should not be lower than 1200 kcal, otherwise again be gained boomerang effect due to delay of exchange processes. Also we do not forget about water (its standard daily rate - not less than 1,5 liters a day).

And the last mistake is the responsibility rearrangement. Your weight depends only on you! You cannot correctly grow thin - means there is no sufficient motivation, work on yourself and everything will turn out.