What is the healthy healthy nutrition

правильное питание

Value of food reflects Heinrich Heine's expression in life activity of the person: "The person is what he eats".

The healthy nutrition is absolutely necessary factor for ensuring normal blood formation, sight, for maintenance of normal state of integuments.

Now we suggest you to think of what we eat properly.

To be rational, food has to correspond to the following basic principles:

  • The food allowance on power value has to cover power cost
  • The food allowance has to be balanced on all replaceable and irreplaceable food factors, including proteins and amino acids, food fats and fatty acids, vitamins, mineral salts and microelements
  • The person has to receive all groups of products, that is its diet has to be various
  • The food has to be safe and meet the sanitary standards and rules existing in the Russian Federation
  • It is also necessary to consider specific features, including intolerance of separate products and dishes
  • Much attention has to be paid to diet

And now we will try to discredit myths concerning some products.

Myths about products

p I will tell you about chewing gum. Many love it, but what bear to us these small pillows-plastinochki from synthetic rubber stuffed with any additives?

The excessive use of chewing gum reduces appetite, provokes allergic reactions, and also makes the irritating impact on mucous membrane of digestive tract that promotes developing of different diseases.

Stomatologists consider that the expected effect of chewing gum - prevention of caries - very much and very superficial. To bring benefit to the chewing device and to remove leftovers after meal if near at hand there is no toothbrush, only two-three minutes no more than one-two times a day after food are enough to chew elastic band.

The following myth - soft carbonated drinks if are not useful, then are definitely not harmful.

Now tell about harmful effects on organism of soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola, the Forfeit, Sprite much. It is established that overconsumption of soft drinks in the childhood is capable to cause deficit of calcium in organism, and danger of fractures of bones as a result increases.

The following myth - the fast food and sweets as having a snack save time.

Unfortunately, many do not know that at those who eat generally hamburgers chips, candies, carbonated drinks the vitamin deficiency can develop. Scientists believe that shortage of vitamins can become the reason of low working capacity, increased fatigue, low concentration of attention.

The excessive hobby for chips and croutons can provoke emergence of excess body weight in young people, and also obesity at more advanced age. Besides, the spices which are contained in them irritate mucous membrane of digestive tract up to development of diseases.

"McDonald's", "Rostiks" are very popular among children, teenagers and adult cafes of fast food. What is offered by cafes of fast service to organism? Large number of calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium (salt). And it just what is necessary for development of diseases of civilization: obesity, hypertension, atherosclerosis.

So you should not be trusted recklessly advertizing if you want to keep health.

Food is very important issue, the indifferent and indifferent attitude towards him involves serious consequences: low resilience to infections, obesity, oppression of physical and psychological state.

Simple diet

But the question is important not only that is, but also as is. Since ancient times process of the use of food was followed by certain ritual. These rules passed from father to son and were important for health.

There are many recommendations of rather healthy food. But their observance is wearisome.

Whether there is rather simple healthy diet?

Contrary to infinite councils of nutritionists, it is not obligatory to refuse dishes which are pleasant to you at all. The basic principles of healthy food are simple.

  • Include various food that the organism received all nutrients necessary for it in the diet.
  • It have to be starch-containing products: bread, potatoes and grain, pasta and rice, especially not shredded.
  • Try not less than five times a day there are fruit and vegetables. Include in the menu a little bean, for example lentil, dry haricot and chishcheny peas.
  • Be not fond of animal fats and fat dishes, especially with the high content of saturated fats: butter, firm margarine, fat meat, chips and fried dishes. Replace them with fast meat, fish and dairy products with the lowered content of fat.
  • Be not fond of salt and sugar, and also products with their high content, smoked products, peanut, canned meat and dry breakfasts.
  • Do not abuse alcohol. Know the measure.
  • You do not go on extravagant diets and you do not aim to lose weight sharply: it can lead to the subsequent uncontrollable increase in weight.
  • Please, remember - in everything the measure is good!