Nutrition value of fruit and berries


Fruit and berries are food which not only is rich vital to us with feedstuffs, but also is easily acquired (at some diseases when rough cellulose is not recommended, it is possible to drink freshly squeezed juice)

And for the healthy person wishing to grow thin cellulose of fruit and berries - the best assistant. Processes of digestion and metabolism are also positively influenced by the organic acids which are contained in fruit and berries, essential oils, tannic, aromatic substances, vegetable pigments.

All fruit and berries are useful if you have well developed intuition, you will be able to choose those fruits which it is required to your organism at present.

Advantage of fruit

Advantage of plum

Plum is rich with vitamin P which promotes lowering of blood pressure and strengthens vessels. In it there is a lot of cellulose and organic acids that accelerates metabolism. Also plums bring cholesterol, salts and excess liquid out of organism. It is impossible to disregard antioxidant properties. At last, at regular reception of discharge improves memory.

How to choose: Fruits have to be slightly soft, saturated yellow or blue-violet color, some grades are covered with glaucescent raid.

Than apples are useful to health

Fifteen years' researches have allowed to come to conclusion that the people who are daily using apples are much less subject to cancer diseases.

Rough vegetable fibers which contain in peel of apples are capable to reduce risk of developing of cancer diseases of intestines.

pblok strengthen immune system, the advantage of apples and for cardiovascular system is high. Substance which contains in apples (flavonoid meletin) is applied to treatment and prevention of heart troubles. If you have the raised cholesterol, apples will help to reduce its level as they contain pectin - the substance capable to clear vessels.

In general pectin - substance unique, it is used even for treatment of the diseases provoked by the raised radiation. pblok improve digestion and are capable to neutralize carcinogens.

The advantage of apples for digestion is so high that the fruit which is daily eaten on an empty stomach is capable to relieve of many problems with digestion.

The advantage of apples for blood system consists also that they help with the lowered pressure. pblok help to acquire so necessary to us iron. They - the most powerful natural cleaner of blood. The advantage of apples and for lymphatic system is high.

Advantage of pear

The pear - combines tastes with extremely useful properties for organism. It is necessary to consider that when we speak about unconditional advantage of this fruit, we mean completely ripened fruits: gentle, juicy, with unique aroma.

Counteraction to infectious diseases, chronic and not only to inflammatory processes, removal from organism of toxins and heavy metals, mobilization of protective functions of organism, increase of firmness of immunity and, as a result, the strengthened resilience to bacteria and diseases not the complete list of what the pear helps the person who has eaten it with.

The help at disorders of intestines, recovery of microflora of stomach, antivermicular properties, you will be surprised, but all this can this really useful fruit.

Also it exerts beneficial influence on work of cardiovascular system (by the way, the has better and stronger begun to smell pears, the more its advantage, especially for heart), the huge part is assigned to it also in recipes of traditional medicine: it can easily cure cough, to remove temperature at the adult and the child, to use as diuretic.

Besides, pear one of those rare species of fruit which does not contain allergens in the structure so and is useful even to the smallest! Still the pear fights against violations of functions of pancreas, helps to get rid of diabetes and obesity. The last researches of scientists in the field of useful properties of pear allow to draw conclusion that it resists to the main illness of mankind in the 21st century not less effectively - to stress and depression!

Useful properties of apricot

Except potassium, useful properties of apricot consist available magnesium and phosphorus which activates exchange processes in brain.

Phosphorus improves memory and increases endurance of cages in brain of the person, magnesium is necessary element for regeneration of nervous cages.

Apricots contain in large number vitamin A which improves work of visual human organs.

It is enough to eat three-four apricots to satisfy daily need for this vitamin.

All likely know that the dried apricots is made of apricots, and so, in it the maintenance of useful elements usually 3-4 times more than in fresh fruit.

The daily use of dried apricots will reliably protect human body from malignant tumors, diseases of kidneys and heart, for cold.

The advantage of apricots of the Armenian grades (the most sweet and tasty) is that in them there is a lot of iodine and iron.

Iodine well prevents diseases of thyroid gland and improves mental abilities of the person.

Iron allows to treat different forms of anemia, heart failure, allows to improve oxygen exchange in cages.

As well as in many fruit, in apricot many useful connections, namely pectin.

It allows to clear organism of harmful toxins and products of exchange, harmful influencing at the same time, bad bacteria.

Also apricots recommend to people the suffering diabetes, however, in that case not all grades of this useful fruit will approach.

The people playing actively sports need the use of apricots.

It is known, also that the dry apricot (dried apricots) perfectly copes with unpleasant smell from mouth

Advantage of peaches

The pulp of peach is easily acquired, this property of fruit allows to carry product to dietary food. Fruit value for human body is connected with high content in product of vitamins and microelements.

The use of peach is useful for digestive organs - at its assimilation secretion of stomach, intestinal peristaltics improves. Due to these properties of people gets rid of locks, heartburn disappears.

Fruits of peach tree recommend to eat together with greasy food - they promote its assimilation. The soluble cellulose which is contained in peach improves peristaltics of intestines and reduces putrefactive processes in it. The pectins which are contained in fruit help to bring toxins out of organism that not only improves functioning of internals, but also returns gloss to hair, improves condition of skin.

The diuretic effect of peaches and high content of potassium with magnesium allows to use with success them at treatment of diseases of kidneys, gouts.

Vitamins and microelements positively influence cardiac muscle. The potassium which is contained in peaches has the most salutary effect on heart at violations of rhythm.

At anemia the regular use of peaches it is possible to increase the content of iron in blood.

Magnesium influences mood - improves it and reduces effects of psychological stresses.

Low caloric content of gentle fruit allows to lose with their help weight on several kilograms. For this purpose it is enough to use during season of their ripeness in fasting days 3-4 fruits, the high content of potassium will not allow to suffer during diet to cardiac muscle.

At anemia, locks, violations in work of heart it is necessary to drink on half-glass of juice of fresh peach in thirty minutes prior to food.

Advantage of berries

pgoda are suppliers of useful substances, vitamins, minerals in our organism. What berries the most useful to understand rather difficult. As each person is unique, and the use of different berries for it brings individual benefit. But nevertheless it is possible to allocate several types of berries which bring very big benefit to organism. It is especially necessary to pay attention to the use of berries in the fall when it is necessary to take care of strengthening the immunity before winter.

In what specific advantage of strawberry for health

Feeding us with vitamins and microelements, berry strengthens and raises immune system. And high content in strawberry of folic acid and iron allows organism to cope with anemia.

Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other microelements participate in metabolism of the person, help vessels of heart and brain.

Strawberry is excellent antioxidant, promotes cell renewal. Fresh juice of berry is useful at some diseases especially because it possesses disinfecting and anti-inflammatory property.

In particular, berries of forest strawberry quite often recommend at scurvy, uterine bleeding and diseases of liver, and flowers - at cardiovascular diseases and kidney and stone illness.

Infusions and broths of strawberry are in broad use as sudorific, are used at gastrointestinal tract diseases.

Being dietary product, fresh strawberry is allowed for the use by sick diabetes and to hypertensive persons, it helps to bring excesses of moisture out of organism and regulates glucose level in blood.

That is why doctors occasionally recommend to the patients to eat to half a kilogram in day of this remarkable berry.

Advantage of gooseberry

- If the person has anemia, then doctors to him recommend to use gooseberry. Its fruits use in cases of inflammation of upper airways, at sinusitis, otitis, at throat inflammation. In cold season fruits of gooseberry can give force to organism after catarrhal diseases and help organism to be recovered. pgoda raise hemoglobin level to normal, provide organism with necessary vitamins minerals. Fresh berries of gooseberry are excellent zhelchegonny means (at diseases of kidneys), laxative (in case of chronic locks), diuretic (at liver diseases).

- Thanks to being part of gooseberry of vitamin E developing of cancer diseases is prevented, cell aging process is slowed down.

- Also the gooseberry will become useful those people who have gastritis with the lowered acidity. pgoda in that case normalize acidity and maintain it normal. If to use gooseberry, then hormonal functions are normalized, the climax passes much easier. Thanks to RR vitamin which is in gooseberry it is possible to prevent developing of heart attacks and strokes. Also the gooseberry is applied to treatment of effects of these medical states.

- Sugar level in blood is regulated. Juice from gooseberry contains such substances which promote production of insulin and normalize sugar level in blood. In gooseberry there is a lot of vitamin C. By amount of this vitamin the gooseberry concedes only to currant. When the gooseberry ripens, in it there is approximately twice more ascorbic acid, than in unripe berries. For this reason nevertheless it is better to eat berries which have ripened, they are applied to strengthen immunity and for prevention of avitaminosis.

Advantage of blackcurrant

By right consider blackcurrant as real "moneybox" of vitamin C, and also vitamins B, E, P, K, it is possible to find in these berries and cellulose, pectinaceous substances, carbohydrates, the following mineral substances - zinc, copper, iron, manganese, potassium.

There is at blackcurrant also organic chemistry. At prevention and treatment of disease of atherosclerosis by the patient recommend to use daily though handful of berries of blackcurrant. Such properties of this berry as anti-inflammatory and diuretic action are known to all, the tannins and essential oils which are contained in these berries have awarded blackcurrant with such action.

Berries of blackcurrant contain also enough folic acid - its action promotes reduction of harmful influence of radiation, and also removal of toxic substances and elements, including mercury, lead and cobalt. It is for this purpose recommended to drink dried blackcurrant decoctions.

As a part of berries of blackcurrant it is possible to find as well phytoncides which will become irreplaceable assistants in fight against bacteria and sticks of staphylococcus, diphtheria and dysentery. Even the official medicine appoints broths and blackcurrant infusions at intestinal frustration, diarrheas, gastritis with low indicator of acidity, at hepatitises, violations of work of liver, anemia, different infectious diseases, tuberculosis, renal failure, hypertension. From berries of blackcurrant cook compotes, close natural currant juice, do jam, jams and vitamin jellies.

Of leaves and branches of blackcurrant do infusions and broths. However, that who has diseases of heart and cardiovascular system, varicosity - to abuse and to be fond too of blackcurrant berries, and also conservation products from this berry is not necessary. This only restriction, or condition when can be harmful currant.

Useful properties of raspberry

Bear berry as still call raspberry, was appreciated in ancient times. It was used in national recipes, and today useful properties of berry are recognized also as official medicine. Practically all know that raspberry is useful at catarrhal diseases. Tea with raspberry jam helps to reduce temperature, thanks to availability of salicylic acid.

The advantage of raspberry is invaluable at treatment of anemia, hypertension and different problems with intestines. At the regular use digestion improves and the muscles of intestines are stimulated. It is proved that if to bring berries in the food allowance it is possible to get rid of excess weight without harm for health.

The advantage of fresh raspberry for weight loss first of all consists in the content of enzymes which possess ability to burn fats. Thanks to availability of cellulose activity of gastrointestinal tract improves and intestines are cleared of slags and other products of disintegration. pgoda have diuretic and zhelchegonny effect, so, you will get rid of excess liquid and salt. The number of calories is in raspberry at a low level, so 42 kcal are the share of 100 g.

For women the advantage of raspberry consists available folic acid which prepares organism and helps during pregnancy.

Useful substances contain not only in berries, and and in leaves of plant. What is interesting, even after heat treatment they do not collapse. To stock up with berries on the future they can be frozen or dried up.

That the frozen raspberry brought benefit for organism, it is necessary to use just picked berries. In that case their players are practically not changed. It is recommended to defreeze raspberry at the room temperature.