10 effective exercises at cellulitis

࿋ Walking on buttocks

You sit down on floor (on bottom), and moving buttocks you go on kitchen. You take detour around the refrigerator and you go back. (the main thing there not to be late!)) Very much helps.

࿋ Jump rope

If you want beautiful figure, jump at each opportunity.

࿋ Squats

࿋ Walking on site, highly raising knees

࿋ Attacks forward serially on both legs

࿋ Scissors

You lay down sideways, the body should not be filled up. You raise one leg. 5 approaches on 40 times. To gradually increase loading. Respectively exercises will need to be done on each leg.

࿋ to Lay down, legs, hands are straightened

Slowly raise legs, bend them in knees, then unbend and return to starting position.

࿋ to Lay down, raise legs, to take away foot to the right

Be late in this position for several seconds, then return to starting position. To repeat the same to the left side. To carry out exercise at least 15 — 20 times.

࿋ Lay down on back, straighten legs, hands too

Raise both legs at the same time up by 90 degrees, then slowly (!) lower. To do at least 5 approaches of 10 times.

࿋ Exercise bicycle

Lay down on back, extend hands along trunk. Raise legs by 45 degrees over the level of floor and you twist "virtual pedals" within 2-5 minutes. Provide for greater effect that you go to meeting to the ideal body.

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